8 Ways to Use the Holiday Spirit to Sell More Homes

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Often the winter is viewed as a slow season in real estate, depending on the location. However, the season’s festivities are an opportunity for savvy real estate agents to maximize the potential of their listings. Discover eight ways to use the holiday spirit to attract buyers and sell more homes. 

Keep It Neutral

Encourage sellers to avoid displaying holiday decorations reflecting a specific religion or date. Instead, use seasonal accents to showcase the benefits of the house during that time of year. For example, a potted evergreen or holly plant by the door brings winter cheer.  Focusing on seasonal themes appeals to a broader range of potential buyers. In addition, encourage sellers to remove personal items that may distract or disturb buyers, swapping them out for festive ones that appeal to everyone. 

Clean Up the Corners

Before decorating, people often overlook all the clutter in the corners. First, clear off tables and desks, then display one or two seasonal items. Next, get rid of clothing piles, laundry baskets, and other distractions that make it impossible for buyers to imagine themselves living there. Agents who maintain a list of cleaning and staging services can help sellers get a clean place. Plus, agents can encourage reciprocal referrals from the recommended service providers.

Warm and Inviting

Buyers should feel welcomed when they arrive at a home for sale. Create an inviting feel with seasonal hues and accents. Affordable ways include evergreen wreaths with a gold or silver bow or candles in varying heights on a table or mantel. Baking cookies is another warm touch that makes the house feel ready for holiday entertaining. Display the home-baked cookies on a fancy tray for buyers to imagine themselves sharing these moments in the place. A glass bowl filled with candy is a perfect finishing touch.

Light It Up

Lights inspire seasonal cheer and luxury if done right. Avoid colorful lights or ones in holiday shapes that could deter certain buyers. Instead, use white lights strategically to illuminate walkways, entryways, and other noticeable areas. Consider solar lighting, which doesn’t require any electrical work to add a dash of festive light, including spotlights. Savvy agents keep a list of contractors to recommend to clients, including electricians and holiday decorators, and encourage reciprocal referrals.

Add Greenery

Greenery is another way to celebrate the seasons, especially during the winter months. Make the most of holiday-themed greenery by including lights or a dash of sparkle. A little goes a long way when it comes to adding holiday cheer. Hiring a landscaping service is helpful for busy sellers to ensure the walkways are cleared in snowy neighborhoods. Buyers want to visit safe properties that are ready for agents to show.

Inhale Seasonal Scents

Seasonal scents bring holiday memories to mind and make a home feel ready for buyers to move in tomorrow. Candles, potpourri, and oil diffusers are all excellent ways to fill a home with fragrance. Use sprays sparingly a few minutes before buyers arrive to avoid too harsh scents throughout the house. 

Keep Curb Appeal in Mind

The face of a home makes the first impression on potential buyers. Encourage sellers to be objective about curb appeal, removing personalized decorations and holiday-themed items. Instead, trim the shrubbery, sweep the walkways, and add seasonal flowers and accents for eye-catching appeal. Consider one dramatic decoration, such as a lighted lamppost wrapped in evergreen leaves. Take photos of the front of the house to use in listing descriptions and marketing materials. 

Showcase Holiday-Friendly Features

Holiday-friendly features include a decorated front porch, fireplace, and a great room or finished basement for entertaining. Showcase these areas with festive touches that inspire buyers to dream of future holidays at the house. Then share photos and holiday messages on social media to bring more attention to listings. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to a vast social media network to get more exposure.

Festive decorations and staging should be simple, neutral, and luxurious to reflect the holiday spirits for everyone, regardless of background or beliefs. Focus on seasonal accents to make a home inviting. Agents who learn to maximize this time of the year spread goodwill and sell more homes.

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