Need More Living Space? 10 Unexpected Ways To Do It


During quarantine, people wanted more living space for work, entertainment, and relaxation. Marketing homes for sale today means appealing to buyers who expect a variety of flexible living areas. Discover ten unexpected ways to help sellers transform dead spaces into inviting and functional ones.

Finish the Garage

Check out the garage to see its current use. From parking cars to creating an entertainment room or guest room, the garage should have a purpose. Finishing the garage makes a sizeable additional space to include in descriptions or a budget. Is the seller on a budget? Empty the garage, add a coat of paint to the walls and indoor/outdoor carpeting to help buyers see the possibilities – instead of a space filled with old junk.

Enclose a Deck or Porch

Decks, patios, and porches are ideal places to enclose for additional living space. Another possibility is to turn them into sunrooms with screens. For a minimal investment, sellers can realize a maximum return. Need it done on a dime? A portable gazebo or affordable awning are ways to create an enclosed area without breaking the bank. Include panoramic photos of outdoor spaces in the listing description. 

Transform a Closet

From stellar storage to a home office, encourage sellers to clear out the closets and make the most of these spaces. For example, simple shelving and rods make more room for clothes and other items buyers want to store. On the other hand, clearing out the area and adding a small desk with a chair creates a home workspace or school center – without making a significant investment. 

Maximize the Basement

Finishing the basement creates an entire floor of living space. Sellers may decide to rent the area rather than selling the home – flexible agents get more clients. For sellers on a budget, cleaning out the basement is crucial for buyers to imagine its potential. Add a crafting table, gaming table, or fitness equipment to show the size of the space – using items the seller might have on hand.

Explore the Attic Possibilities

Often attics are ignored, storing items from years ago in the heat. Finishing the attic is another way to gain a floor in a home for sale. An attic can be turned into bedrooms with a bathroom or a large loft for an office, art studio, or playroom. Even sellers on a budget can clean out the space, add a window and insulation, and showcase its potential to buyers when marketing homes for sale. 

Create an Outdoor Entertainment Area

Outdoor entertainment areas became increasingly popular when people looked outside their homes for additional space. From outdoor kitchens and living rooms to saunas and swimming pools, backyard features attract buyers. Set up budget-conscious outdoor areas using garden tiles, lawn furniture, and portable fixtures – including fountains, pools, and hot tubs – to help buyers think of fun times in the yard.

Add a Laundry Space

The ability to do laundry at home became a necessity during quarantine. Now many buyers prefer homes with a laundry area. Closets, bathrooms, utility closets, mudrooms, basements, and pantries all have the potential for laundry space. Consider a portable washer and dryer for smaller homes that may not have the proper plumbing or electricity installed. Include an old-fashioned clothesline in the yard as an alternative on sunny days.

Find Space for a Home Office

When people had to work at home during the pandemic, home office space became another necessity. Now many people prefer to work remotely and continue to do it a few days a week. Adding a home office to a house for sale makes it more desirable. In a small place, think creatively – a hallway, dining room corner, or sunroom can be turned into an office area. Use colorful paint, rugs, and artworks to separate the space from the rest of the house or room.

Make Room for Fido and Kitty

When people had more time with their pets, they pampered them often. Buyers today enjoy homes with dog houses, cat condos, fenced yards, and other pet-friendly amenities. Keep pet items around the house, but put the pets away during showings. Share homes for pet lovers on social media to drive the right traffic to these listings. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to an extensive social media network to reach out to more pet enthusiasts. 

Shed for Storage and More

Storage is another priority, especially for those who continue to work and live at home. A shed is a budget-friendly way to add additional storage space to a property. Clean out existing sheds and use them for just a few outdoor items. Another option is to create a “she-shed” or “man cave” with futons, game tables, art supplies, and other things to inspire the buyers’ imagination. Everyone is looking for more living space. Fortunately, there are easy ways to help sellers create it, and buyers find it. Agents who understand how to maximize listings and get buyers into dream homes get the most future referrals.

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