Why Agencies Need Cutting-Edge Real Estate Digital Marketing Campaigns


The marketing initiatives you used last year might not work today. The online marketplace is constantly evolving. The good news is that we are going to help you keep a finger on the pulse of Internet marketing updates and options to stay relevant. Read on to discover why agencies need cutting-edge real estate digital marketing campaigns to remain competitive.

Take your Marketing to Another Dimension

There was a time when all it took to promote real estate was a short description of the property with a few photos. Websites and social media made it easy to share additional images and video tours of available homes. Now agents are taking marketing to another dimension, making people feel like they visited the home in-person by:

  • Airing a live tour of the house on streaming video platforms, such as Facebook Live, to generate instant interest;
  • Providing 3D tours and virtual staging for all your listings to make them stand out from similar properties in the area;
  • Using virtual reality to show discerning buyers homes from the comfort of their homes or offices; and
  • Getting a drone to take aerial images of large properties, including estates and commercial buildings, so potential buyers get a bird’s eye overview.

Get Them the Second Time With Retargeting Campaigns

Some buyers might instantly want to see a house that checks all their boxes. But this is the exception, as most buyers soon realize compromise is part of choosing a dream home. Savvy agents recognize it takes more than one contact to get potential clients to take action. Digital retargeting campaigns are a non-aggressive way to stay in touch, such as:

  • Ask for an email address to opt into your weekly or monthly newsletter – if you don’t have one, it’s time to start a newsletter to stay in touch with leads. We’ve made creating a personalized newsletter easy. Click here to view different template choices that are ready for you to use!
  • Encourage people to connect with you on social media (the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Social Media Tool gives you access to amazing industry insights and lifestyle content) and post regular updates about local events listings.
  • Communicate via text message with those who prefer this method – they are ideal candidates for text updates about new listings, local happenings, and industry news.

Share and Share Alike

Sharing is what makes social media a successful marketing tool. Always include sharing buttons on blog posts and website updates.. Follow neighborhood businesses to show the agency is linked to the community. Encourage people to share your content by sharing theirs. Talk to other local businesses about mutual sharing to bring more attention to the geographic area.

Capture Your Little Corner of the World

When people think about real estate, they also think about location. Most people search for available homes based on a city name or zip code. Add local pages to your website to demonstrate that you work with sellers and buyers in specific areas. Post blog articles about community events to attract targeted traffic. You can become a local expert by covering a variety of neighborhood events. Provide updates on your social media accounts about local happenings, including ones you enjoy. People prefer to work with an agent who has a passion for the community.

Connect with Community Businesses to Attract Leads

Generate more leads by connecting with local companies. Talk to neighborhood business owners about offering discounts to clients to generate more leads. For example, a real estate agent can arrange for clients to get a 10 percent discount from a landscaper, moving company or cleaning agency. These are all services they might need when they buy or sell a house. Plus, the local company may feature the real estate agent on their site.

Make a Noteworthy Guest Appearance

Most agents have areas of expertise, such as assisting first time home buyers or marketing homes that need TLC. Agents become known as experts when they guest blog at other industry sites. Create a helpful article that attracts your target audience. Include useful tips, relatable stories, and visuals such as infographics. Quality articles open up more opportunities to guest blog and share links back to your website to increase traffic.

Dive Into Social Media Culture

Every social media site is different. Get to know the culture of each site before embarking on a real estate digital marketing campaign. Here’s our quick breakdown of the platforms out there:

  • Facebook is an interactive platform where people share content, photos, and video with a Live option for live streaming video tours; start by following ours.
  • LinkedIn is the ultimate resource for connecting with other industry professionals who could become potential referrers; you can find us here to begin making new connections and sharing content.
  • Pinterest is a place to share brief descriptions and compelling photos; You’ll love ours, click here to look.
  • YouTube makes it easy to post video tours of available homes and communicate with interested buyers; Watch our channel here.
  • SnapChat is another video sharing site that is particularly popular with the millennial audience; Read all our tips on How to Use Snapchat for Real Estate.
  • Twitter keeps updates short and sweet – use hashtags to make it easy for searchers to find the latest posts. Don’t forget to follow BHGRE while you’re there.

Always review the terms and conditions of social media websites to avoid being penalized. Avoid common sharing mistakes, such as sounding off about unrelated issues and failing to update the accounts regularly. Remember to be social and interact with users to attract more followers and traffic.

Agents get a competitive edge with savvy online promotional strategies to promote real estate. Stay ahead of the curve with real estate digital marketing campaigns that keep getting attention. Build an audience to gain recognition, establish trust, and generate leads.

Get more great advice on Marketing and Branding on the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Clean Slate blog.

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