How to Market Beach Homes for Sale During the Winter Months


It might appear to be a challenge to market beach homes for sale during the frigid winter months. Often beach houses are associated with summer fun and sun. However, waterfront properties are always desirable. Discover how the right marketing approach can improve beach home sales during all the seasons of the year.

Know the Year Round Benefits of the Area

Sometimes waterfront communities are only seen from the perspective of seasonal vacationers. Many of these neighborhoods remain vibrant throughout the year. And research reveals the summer might not be the best time to buy or sell a beach home. Get to know the year-round attractions that make the area desirable. Surfers may prefer to hit the waves during the colder months when the surf is pounding its hardest. Fishing enthusiasts might head to the neighborhood to catch specific fish that aren’t accessible during the warmer seasons. Nature lovers could flock to the area to observe winter bird migration and unusual plants. Include these benefits in property descriptions and images to gain their attention and interest.

Take Advantage of Holiday Cheer

Holiday marketing is effective for all types of industries, including agents marketing beach homes for sale. During the summer, agents instantly recognize the value of showcasing waterfront sunsets, dock space, and sandy beach frontage. In the winter, focus on warm and inviting amenities, such as indoor and outdoor fireplaces or a year-round hot tub with a scenic waterfront view. Fill the house with holiday cheer to make it inviting during open houses and tours. Avoid personalized decorations or anything that reflect religious beliefs. Consider fragrant pine sprigs, poinsettia plants, and white lights in a bay window for universal appeal.

Work With Qualified Buyers

In the summer, agents often deal with people who want to see homes but might not be qualified to buy them. Qualified buyers tour homes during the winter. Some of them are corporate transfers as the majority of these job relocations occur in January. The savviest buyers tend to shop during the late winter to get first dibs on the best waterfront homes before the spring competition kicks off. In the winter months, agents have an opportunity to work with serious buyers who are ready, willing, and able to make a deal immediately. Because there is limited inventory, agents can often get top dollar for coveted waterfront homes.

Provide the Highest Level of Customer Service

During the spring and summer, the best real estate agents are busy seven days a week. Typically, there are more houses on the market and a more significant number of buyers searching for them. While agents always strive to offer dedicated service, they must divide their attention between several clients at all times. In the winter, agents have more time to provide the highest level of customer service. From developing creative marketing campaigns for sellers to finding the perfect home for buyers, agents can take time to give clients exactly what they want.

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Consider Winter Safety and Curb Appeal

Once the trees lose their leaves, the flower gardens wilt, and the snow falls, the curb appeal of a home can become dreary. Consider safety and visual appeal when marketing beach homes for sale during the winter. Clear the snow and ice away from walkways, driveways, and stairs so people can safely access the house. Carefully select outdoor decorations that appeal to a wide variety of buyers. Display non-holiday themed seasonal wreaths and pine garlands to add a touch of color and life to outdoor spaces such as patios, porches, and docks.

Put the Internet to Work to Attract Winter Buyers

Before the days of the Internet, most buyers searched for homes during the spring and summer to avoid going out in inclement weather. Now buyers can tour homes online to narrow down the prospects and visit the ones they like best. Take advantage of the power of online marketing to attract potential buyers to beach properties. Provide aerial photos or videos to show the layout of the property and its waterfront frontage. Share 3D video and virtual tours for buyers in the area and out-of-state who want beach houses. Give potential buyers an opportunity to see all the amenities the home offers, so they are willing to venture out in the cold to see more.

People search for homes and purchase them 365 days a year. Successful agents learn how to market beach homes for sale during the winter months. Hard work and creativity help agents boost home sales during the slowest months of the year. And motivated buyers remember agents who were willing to tackle the winter snow to find them a dream house – and that means repeat business and referrals in the future.

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