Tips for Writing Real Estate Agent Ads With Compelling Calls to Action


We all know that a real estate agent without leads is out of business. Marketing strategies help attract a target audience by providing useful information and search engine optimization tactics drive traffic to real estate agent ads. But traffic is meaningless unless some of the visitors convert into leads. Your calls to action are what will compel people to do something right away, such as “such as “don’t miss out, download here” or “contact us now.” Read on to discover smart tips for writing ads to promote your real estate business that include irresistible calls to action to generate more leads.

Motivation Matters

A call to action must motivate the reader by including something worthwhile to the target audience. Offer a free market report, ebook, newsletter or webinar or something else of value to the reader to get people to share their contact information. It helps to indicate the offer is only available for a limited time to encourage people to sign up right away. Be sure to outline how the free material will help them and improve their lives. Motivation matters when it comes to eliciting an immediate response to a call to action.

Keep the Message Clear

Lengthy calls to action lose the reader. Most people are busy and have a short attention span so your content must be straightforward with a definitive call to action. Be obvious and leave no doubt about what should happen next, indicating what you want the reader to do, such as, “act now to get a free market report” or “the information is time-sensitive, so request it today.” Most importantly, always provide useful content for people who do respond to build trust and encourage them to contact you to find out more.

Teach Home Buyers About the Process

Buying a home is often the most significant investment a person makes during a lifetime. Most people are anxious about this major purchase. They don’t know what to expect and appreciate an agent who offers homebuyer classes. You can advertise monthly classes at the office, community center, or local library. Keep the class tone casual and informative. Share useful information and establish a rapport with the attendees. The right approach helps persuade those students to become clients when they are ready to buy a house.

Know the Media

Consider where the ad will appear. Facebook is an ideal platform for property descriptions, images, and video. Deliver punchy statements and fast updates on Twitter. Provide authoritative content to link with other professionals on LinkedIn. Produce creative video tours to post on YouTube. Know the media to maximize its potential. Share these posts on other social media accounts and the agency blog. Interact with people who follow the company. Answer questions or comments on social media and blog posts to encourage communication. Need a refresher on the different social media platforms? Go to Why Agencies Need Cutting-Edge Real Estate Digital Marketing Campaigns on the Better Homes and Gardens® Clean Slate blog for a quick roundup.

Speak to the Audience

Define the demographic you want to reach. Speak to the audience in their language. Use casual phrases to connect with millennial buyers, post short, informative updates for busy professionals, and refer to military benefits to attract veteran home buyers. Share updates that matter including neighborhood data, local events, real estate tips, and the latest listings in the area. Every post should include a compelling call to action to motivate readers to become clients. Having a finger on the pulse of what buyers and sellers want now will help you achieve a reputation as an industry expert.

Make Communication Easy

Online calls to action should always include a link to the agency contact page. Visitors might not take time to surf the site to find it on their own. A link to the contact information makes it easy for readers to communicate with you. Provide several contact methods including an email address, phone number, physical and mailing addresses, social media accounts links, and a number to text the agent. No matter which method a person prefers, make it accessible to reach out to a broader target audience.

Don’t Be a Pest

A call to action can be bold and create a sense of urgency. However, compelling calls to action are never disruptive. It should never interrupt the user experience or prevent someone from browsing online. The copy, design, and on-page placement should be strategically combined to attract attention without annoying people. The goal is to get some people to click on the call to action and find out more. Use a call to action to build relationships rather than try to corner people in a pushy way. Starting a relationship could involve a soft sell, such as providing an email address for downloading a seller’s guide. Use the email address to follow-up with the potential client and offer more useful updates.

Put Time On Your Side

A call to action must get people to act on-the-spot. Very few visitors return, even if they are interested in your offering. Use time-sensitive language to get people to do something before they surf away. Use phrases such as “limited time only,” “get there first,” and “call me today.” To reach different target audiences, craft several calls to action that each customer will find useful based on their preferences and needs.

Real estate is a competitive industry, so it takes an effort to be heard over the competition. Real estate agent ads should always have a clear call to action that benefits the reader. Encourage readers to contact the real estate business to find out more. The initial contact is the first step to building meaningful relationships that convert into leads.

Now that you know how to write an effective ad, read up 4 Top Ways to Obtain Real Estate Leads.

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