Six Fun Ways to Amplify Your Real Estate Digital Marketing Campaigns


While data matters, people remember lifestyles over listing descriptions. A house with curb appeal attracts more immediate attention than one with good bones. So weaving a memorable story and painting a vivid picture compels people to take action on any property. Online marketing is the best way to reach out to potential buyers and make a meaningful connection. Instead of focusing on statistics and specs, discover some fun ways to amplify your real estate digital marketing campaigns.

Where’s The Party? The Right Agent Knows!

What could be more fun than an open house party everyone wants to attend? Or how about a holiday gathering the locals can’t wait to happen each year? Bring people together for good times first, and information second. Warm them up with refreshing beverages, tantalizing tidbits, background music, and light local conversation. Then initiate a discussion about the property and area real estate trends.

Place informative brochures in strategic areas, so people can learn more when the party’s over. Remember to invite local influencers, professionals, and past and current clients — post about the open house or party on social media to get a more impressive turnout.

Take a Photo Tour of the Town

People from all walks of life share their experiences on social media. Become a personality who takes photos tours of the town to share on Facebook Live, Snapchat, YouTube, and a dedicated blog. Share a night at a local hot spot and a day at the neighborhood party. Take videos of parades, concerts, and other local happenings to become known as a local expert.

Then add a few promotional videos to the mix by taking live tours of the latest listings. Keep the visit short and exciting to build anticipation and interest in the property. Make sure to focus on robust features, such as curb appeal and luxury amenities. The goal is to get people to contact the agency to schedule an appointment to view the home.

Connect, Comment, and Keep Talking

The only person who thinks a monologue is fun is the person who delivers it. People enjoy interactions that include their voices as well as the agent’s statements. Ramp up real estate digital marketing campaigns by getting interactive online. Add useful comments to local blogs with a link back to the agency website. Join the community and industry groups on Facebook to keep up with trends by chatting with the locals.

Post regularly on social media accounts, such as sharing the latest blog entry or a link to a video tour of a new property on the market. Ask questions, take surveys, and encourage people to comment on posts. Monitor responses and remember to keep talking to have a more meaningful conversation people remember when they have questions about real estate. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to an impressive digital marketing toolbox to help get meaningful conversations started.

Start Podcasting and Offering Tutorials

Buying or selling a house is confusing for many people. They rely on a knowledgeable real estate agent to help them navigate the process. Start podcasting and offering video tutorials on YouTube. A podcast can be provided via iTunes to connect with clients and locals about area news and real estate updates. Infuse personality into the updates to stand out from other agents. Use the opportunity to brand yourself and become a valuable resource.

Use video tutorials on YouTube create an ongoing series of useful content to help people buy or sell homes. Provide tips for staging a house, cleaning up, and planning a move. People search for practical information that helps them save time and reduce stress. An agent offering smart advice is sure to be remembered in the future.

Focus on Longtail Keywords

Keyword research and SEO are the foundation of a successful real estate digital marketing campaign. Using the right words improves search engine rankings and attracts a niche target market. While basic terms are crucial to ensure people understand what an agent offers, they aren’t specific enough to resonate with a definitive audience. This is where longtail keywords come into the strategy.

Longtail keywords consist of several words people would type into a search engine box to find something specific. For example, a “ranch for sale in New Jersey” is more specific than a “house for sale.” The longtail keywords would attract people looking for a ranch style home in the Garden State. A house for sale could attract searchers who want to buy a house in Massachusetts. Narrowing down the prospects helps generate more leads. And longtail keyword research provides insight into fun topics people are talking about, such as “paddleboarding in the Hamptons.” Craft lighthearted blog content around these keywords to build local notoriety.

Tell Tales and Get Interactive on Instagram Stories

Connect with the younger demographic by posting on Instagram Stories. More than 500 million users are interacting on Instagram Stories. Ask questions, take polls, and post surveys to encourage engagement. Use stickers and GIFs to grab attention and get more people to recognize and remember you. Tag the post or listing’s location and add photos for people to visualize the property and neighborhood.

Develop stories around a property’s history, style, and amenities. Add descriptive language to create a mental image as well as an actual one with photos and video of the property. Include a link to the property’s landing page and the agent bio. Use general and local hashtags to get noticed. Include a couple of local fun facts in the description to pique interest in the neighborhood as well as the house. Use these six creative ways to amplify your real estate digital marketing campaigns. From highlighting curb appeal to chatting about local hot spots, be an agent who knows the latest neighborhood trends. People trust authentic agents who enjoy being part of the community – and this means more referrals today and in the future.

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