How to Use Video to Market Houses for Sale With Acreage


Buyers have a variety of reasons for wanting homes with acres of land. From farming to the desire for privacy, they want space to work and enjoy life. To market these home effectively, agents must consider factors such as curb appeal, land use restrictions, and trying to showcase all the features of vast property. Discover how to use video to market houses for sale with acreage.

Create a Stellar Video Presentation

Video presentations must be compelling and comprehensive to get buyers to pay attention to. As fewer large properties become available, the demand increases. Buyers want to know the property will suit their unique needs. Stellar video tours allow buyers to visualize the layout of the property and its possibilities. Use one or more of these video techniques to promote the focal points of a house with acreage.

  • A narrated walk-through offers a personal touch and gives buyers an overall view of the house and land along with details about how it can be used.  
  • Promote the history of luxury properties, such as former celebrities that owned and lived there with photos of past use and splendor along with visuals of how it looks today.     
  • Take the video tour beyond the property and step into the surrounding neighborhood for buyers to see their future surroundings and the proximity to stores, transportation, and more.
  • Tap into modern technology by using drones to provide a bird’s eye view of the property and its landscapes and outbuildings to reveal its expansive space and depth.
  • Take drone photography to the next level by providing aerial views of the surrounding homes, land, stores, and highways to show where the property is situated in the             community.                
  • Use virtual staging for large properties that are empty to show the potential of each room and outdoor space based on the buyers’ unique vision.
  • Set a mood for the viewer by adding a creative musical background during specific segments, such as a sweeping aerial view of pastoral settings.         
  • Craft emotive video content to tell a story about previous property owners and how they used the land for raising horses, or growing fields of sunflowers to inspire           buyers’ dreams.         
  • Invest in a professional videographer to capture niche properties with a variety of amenities to help buyers realize all the possibilities.             
  • Another investment could be hiring landscapers to boost the curb appeal and add a real estate sign to provide instant contact information in         the video.

Connect Buyers With Video Listings

Once an agent creates an impressive video, sharing it puts the property in front of more eyes – and potential buyers. Because large land purchases attract certain types of buyers, it is crucial to spread the word about the availability of the property. Smart investors recognize when an opportunity to own more land arises. Use some of the following ways to get more viewers and remember to include a call to action with contact information.

  • Set up a YouTube channel dedicated to the property. If large properties are your niche, you can also set up a YouTube channel to showcase all of them. Do keyword    research to incorporate some of these popular search terms into your descriptions and content. YouTube is a search engine (owned by Google) as well as a well-known video library to help real estate videos get maximum exposure.            
  • Establish a professional Facebook account to share video property listings. Use Facebook Live to share a live tour of the property with a straightforward narrative         showcasing its finest features. Be interactive with visitors, and encourage sharing.           
  • Share video content and links to the listing video on YouTube at other social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agents have a brand behind them with a recognizable presence on social media to reach a broad audience of possible buyers.         
  • Post a blog article with a vivid description of the property to accompany the video. Share the blog post on social media and via email and text reminders sent to clients on these lists.            
  • Create a trailer of the video to share on social media and with lists of people who want to know   about available properties. People who might not have considered the property could become interested after viewing a sneak peek.

Be Prepared for Responses

People who purchase homes with acreage have a vision in mind. Get to know land use regulations, property values, and other factors these buyers want to know. Be prepared to answer questions about the history, use, and condition of the property. Have a list of local resources handy to share with buyers, such as inspectors, appraisers, contractors, lenders, and other key players. An agent who becomes a valued resource is sure to get great word-of-mouth. Learn how to use video to market houses for sale with acreage and start to corner this exclusive niche market. Research everything from land use to video trends to attract new business and stay connected with past buyers to provide updates – and remind them to send referrals.

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