What Nobody Tells You! First Year Real Estate Agent Tips

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It’s an exciting moment filled with possibilities when a new agent completes the required real estate education and passes the state exam. Agents dream of multi-million dollar sales and colossal commission checks. While the sky is the limit as an agent, there’s still a lot to discover to make that happen. Find out what nobody tells you with these sage first-year real estate agent tips.

Be An Entrepreneur

Real estate agents must work for a broker when they get started in this field. For some, this creates a sense of confusion about this working relationship. Agents are independent contractors who write their own paycheck. When agents don’t spend time working to generate leads, they won’t earn money. And agents are responsible for their taxes, health insurance benefits, and income. An entrepreneurial spirit is essential to fuel a lucrative future as an agent. It also matters to work with a helpful, respected brokerage that provides the ongoing support agents need to succeed. A smart mentor can help an agent find the right path.

Be Ready for Long Hours and Hard Work

Working as an agent looks like a glamorous career, and it can be. But it takes long hours and hard work to reach a six-figure income as a respected agent. Be prepared to show homes on weekends, answer after-hours calls, and negotiate endlessly to help clients get the best possible deal. Regularly peruse listings and drive around looking for houses for sale to become familiar with the market. Tap into past experiences to develop a unique approach to servicing clients and marketing homes. Putting in time and effort can yield impressive results. As a newbie, agents have to prove themselves to clients and associates to gain recognition.

Real Estate Education is Continuing

Based on the state of licensing, agents must fulfill a specific number of hours of continuing real estate education. Failure to do so could lead to a lapse or revocation of the license. The most successful agents recognize the importance of ongoing real estate education. New agents should pursue every possible educational opportunity to boost their abilities and careers. Knowledge is power, and clients instantly recognize agents who know the industry. Affiliated Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to the Be Better University® to grow their businesses with a variety of valuable educational opportunities.

Prove Your Value

Often clients are looking for a real estate agent with experience, which is a challenge for newbies. But A new real estate agent can showcase his or her value in different ways. Are you a social media maven with an impressive following? Do you have experiences in a related profession, such as banking or law? Or perhaps you’ve published a blog or other type of writing. Focus on past victories to show the ability to effectively market a home, negotiate a great deal, and provide the highest level of customer service. Use these skills to develop a niche in the real estate industry.

Be A Good Listener

Avoid the temptation to talk too much during your initial interactions. Learn to be an avid listener to understand what clients want and need. It may help to take quick notes to recall all the details of your conversation. Prepare a list of questions to help you get the required information from clients. If they have questions, do what it takes to get an answer. When you don’t know the answer, research to get an accurate response. Clients want real estate agents who listen carefully and respond quickly. Use these experiences to become an innovative thought leader. Once you know the target audience, it’s easier to resonate with it.

Become a Master Marketer

Top real estate agents wear many different hats. One of them is becoming a master marketer. The world of marketing is continuously evolving, and savvy agents keep up with the trends. From social media and email marketing to drone photography and house staging, agents must use all the tools of the trade to make an impact on the target market. People expect a professional presentation with ideas they never thought of themselves. Participate in professional groups and attend marketing seminars to remain on the cutting-edge of what’s happening now.

Establish Realistic Goals

Many agents quit within the first year because they have unrealistic expectations. Expect to earn little or nothing during the first few months as an agent. Some agents save money, and others work part-time during this business-building phase. Once an agent starts generating leads and closing deals, they can begin establishing realistic goals for the year ahead. Determine how many leads it would take to produce a specific income, then develop a plan to make it happen. If an agent falls short, analyze what worked and what didn’t to make necessary changes. Use these first-year real estate agent tips to jump-start your career. Real estate education is continuing, along with hard work and dedication. An authentic agent dedicated to clients is on the road to a profitable and satisfying career – with all the advantages that come with being a successful agent.

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