There is a lot more to boosting a Facebook post than just pressing a button. No matter how well-crafted your post is, only five percent of people who like your page will see it. Facebook gives you the option of boosting the reach of a designated post. A real estate agent can generate buyer and seller leads via a boosted post. For less than a cup of coffee, you can target those in specific locations with specific interests to drive traffic to open houses, put listings on the radar of potential buyers and so much more.

Maximize your reach with highly targeted views with either set of the following instructions. The first step for both is to make sure your setting is on Business Manager to get the process started.

Option A

Designate the post you would like to boost by scrolling through your feed. Simply click on “Boost Post” at the bottom right of the post. Then select the audience, budget total, length of time and payment method.

Option B

Click Publishing Tools on the top bar. A previously published or schedule post can be boosted from here. Choose which post you would like to promote and select the audience, budget total, length of time and payment method.

By following either option, you are giving your business an opportunity to thrive. Be ready for increased traffic to your website or next open house with each boost.

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