Embracing Change in the New Year

embracing change in the new year

As we leap into a the New Year, it is a time to reflect on the year that we leave behind and envision the exciting year that lies before us.  While we could choose to spend time focused on what we wish we had accomplished, it is far more productive to look backwards only for answers and forward towards solutions.  Embrace the change that brings a year filled with unlimited possibilities!

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: The fear of failure…”

2019 could be the year you crawl within your shell and choose to live a safe, comfortable…albeit fearful life.  Or it could be the year you choose to spread your wings, face your fear and soar to heights you never thought possible.  Whether it is comfort or acquiescence, solitude or self-doubt; complacency is easier to accept than you might think.  Take a look back before running head first into the New Year and determine what positive changes can be made from the adversity faced in 2018.

Reflection Questions for 2018:

  • Where did you waste the most amount of time?
  • What 3 words describe 2018? 
  • What was your single largest accomplishment was?  How can that springboard you into new heights in the coming year? 
  • What was your most unexpected challenge? Did you embrace it or retract from it?  How would you react to that challenge if it were to happen again?
  • What happened in 2018 that scared you the most?
  • What opportunities slipped past you because you were asleep at the wheel?
  • Where did you allow others to influence, shape or manipulate your decisions?
  • Where did you become complacent within your business?
  • What negative habit will you leave behind in 2018?
  • If you could change just one thing about last year, what would it be and why?

Embrace Change in the New Year: 

  • What steps will you take to become the best version of yourself in 2019?
  • What strategic partnerships can you continue to grow?
  • In what area does your time, energy and commitment make the most significant impact?
  • What does success in 2019 look like, feel like, taste like?
  • What opportunity can you create out of last years challenge?
  • What action can you take within the first 30 days of 2019 to transform your business?
  • How can my business grow in spite of market conditions or self-imposed limitations?
  • What niche will I focus on to grow and expand the reach within my community?
  • What new business marketing tool will I implement to simplify my life?
  • What one thing could you improve upon right now within your business?

The bottom line:

Fear of change both personally and professionally can be debilitating. Make the commitment in 2019 to stop resisting success and embrace it. Don’t just write it in a journal, but speak it to your soul.

Believe in new beginnings, map your destination and stay determined to meet those goals.


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