Real Estate Advertising Ideas: Using Video Calls to Action


Effective real estate advertising ideas include professional photos and videos. Real estate is a visual industry. People want to see homes for sale and try to visualize themselves living in them. Discover how to use video calls to action to sell houses and help buyers find their dream home.

The Enlightened Listing

A dynamic listing includes more than a few photos taken with a smartphone and a brief overview. Make listings stand out with more than six photos, colorful video, and a detailed description that includes outstanding features and benefits of the location. Consider using 3D video to put buyers right into the house for sale. These cutting-edge videos are ideal for out-of-state buyers who might not be able to view the house personally. Another possibility is aerial videos that give buyers a bird’s eye view. Use these unique videos to market large properties with swimming pools, tennis courts, and outbuildings. End the listing video stating the property will not last long and telling viewers to contact you immediately for a private showing.

Create Amazing Video Listings

Interview the current owners to create a personalized call to action. Ask them what makes the house a terrific place to live. Showcase the favorite spots of the home and let the sellers describe why they enjoy them. Develop a one-of-a-kind call to action that speaks to potential buyers in a down-to-earth way. Use social media sites such as Facebook Live and SnapChat to post these videos in real-time.

Sensational Special Offer Videos

Beyond listings, video marketing helps draw buyers and sellers to your real estate business Create an informative video about buying or selling a home. Conduct research to find out exactly what your local target market is searching for to develop a targeted market campaign. Develop a video response to these inquiries without telling the audience everything they want to know. Include a call to action to visit a landing page for a free ebook on the topic.

Focus on Location

The most respected agents know the neighborhood well and are seen enjoying it during their free time. Since agents typically live in the area, they understand what makes the town or city appealing. Create a video of favorite local places, such as parks, beaches, restaurants, shops, historical monuments, galleries, and museums. Include a few brief interviews with residents and business owners speaking about why they love the city. Show off the best parts of the area then encourage viewers to check it out for themselves. Include a warm call to action to contact you to see what the town has to offer.

Let the Clients Do the Talking

Another option is to ask satisfied clients for short video testimonials. Have a few brief questions ready to make the process quick and convenient. Ask them to sign a release for you to use the footage for marketing purposes. Include buyers, sellers, investors, and renters to attract a broad market.

Finally, make sure to maximize your real estate advertising ideas by posting the videos on your blog, social media accounts, and YouTube account. Always include a call to action at the end of the video with contact information. Use visualization to market homes, brand your business, and build meaningful relationships in the community.

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