How to Get Real Estate Listings That Inspire Envy in Your Competitors


Getting real estate listings is the bread and butter of being a real estate agent. Listing properties produces income and gives agents an opportunity to show their localized expertise. Learn how to get real estate listings that inspire envy in your competitors.

Maximize the Potential of Open Houses

During open houses, neighbors often drop by to see what’s happening on the block. And some of these drop-ins are secretly questioning if they should sell their own homes. Be prepared for curious neighbors who could become future listings. Be direct, and ask if they want a no-obligation market evaluation to price their homes. Offer handouts outlining the most common mistakes made by sellers. Have everyone sign-in before attending the open house. Gather names, addresses and email addresses for future follow-ups. In a few days, drop by the homes of neighbors who attended the open house. Offer a small gift with your business card. Use email addresses to send relevant information, newsletters, and links to your latest blog entries. Build relationships and watch your listings increase.

Explore Expired Listings

Expired listings are often a goldmine for finding potential listings. There are two factors to remember when sorting through expired listings. First, other agents will be doing the same thing, and you need to stand out from the competition. Second, there is a reason why the listing did not sell. Instead of bashing the previous listing agent, look for the elephant in the room. What is the obvious, yet previously ignored, reasons why the house did not sell? Consider the listing price, current market conditions, and the overall appearance of the house based on listing description and photos. Call or drop by the house to share your insights with the seller. Offer a free analysis or simple report of the comparable homes recently sold in the neighborhood. When you offer more than a simple sales pitch, you’re more likely to get the listing.

Become a “Posh” Market Professional

“Posh” homes include luxury executives houses, waterfront properties, and homes located on golf courses. A select target market wants to purchase these types of homes to enjoy their chosen lifestyle. And it takes more than offering a business card and marketing chatter to appeal to these sellers and buyers. Integrate yourself into the community to become part of their social scene. Golfers can join the country club while boaters benefit from a yacht club membership. Or join community professionals and the chamber of commerce to connect with executives. Attend meetings, enjoy time at the club, and interact with members regularly. Gain their friendship and trust, so you become their go-to real estate agent.

Focus on Distress Sales

Life brings unpleasant and unexpected events that necessitate the sale of a home. Keep up with these local events to find potential listings. Many are noted at the county clerk’s website, including inheritance and unpaid taxes. Remember to be low-key, helpful, and compassionate rather than sales-driven to make a meaningful connection with these sensitive sellers.

  • Inherited homes are often put on the market. Often these homes are in the wrong location or have repairs people don’t want to tackle while they grieve the loss of a loved one. Be open-minded that these sellers may want to use their inheritance to buy more profitable properties as an investment.
  • Divorce is another circumstance when houses are sold. Connect with a local family law attorney to gain access to these listings.
  • Vacant properties might be foreclosures or a forgotten rental owned by a busy entrepreneur. Contact the owners of vacant properties to let them know you have potential buyers.
  • Reach out to people who owe property taxes. Selling the house could be the relief they need to get unpaid bills off their backs.

For Sale By Owner Listings

Ultimately, 90 percent of sellers hire a real estate agent to sell their homes. Trying to sell a house independently is a lot of work. Writing descriptions, taking photos, creating listings, placing ads, scheduling open houses, and making appointments with potential buyers is time-consuming. Often people who try to sell houses themselves wind up exhausted and disappointed. Visit these homes, offering a small gift and some smart advice. Be prepared to let them know the exact services you provide to earn your commission.

Learning how to get real estate listings helps agents prove their value to the agency and increase their earnings. Cold calling is just one of many ways to get listings. Be creative and hardworking to start getting the listings everyone else in the industry wants.

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