Five Real Estate Direct Marketing Strategies with Compelling Calls to Action


In a competitive market, agents must stand out from the competition and explain what makes them the right choice. Unlike mass marketing sent to everyone, direct marketing reaches your target market and encourages them to take action. Discover five real estate direct marketing strategies with compelling calls to action to generate more targeted leads.

The Timeless Appeal of Direct Mail

For hundreds of years, direct mail has been an excellent way to reach out to customers. While most people access the Internet to get information, direct mail has timeless appeal. Just two decades ago, mailboxes overflowed with advertisements. Now fewer companies are harnessing the power of direct mail campaigns. As a result, real estate professionals that craft compelling direct mail marketing are likely to get noticed. Snail mail has become a novelty. People open most of the items they receive. Use color, slogans, and brief content that addresses a need. Present a definitive call to action, such as a free, no-obligation market evaluation of their homes.

Take Brochures and Business Cards to the Next Level

Printed media is another successful marketing tactic used by generations of businesses. Brochures are ideal to give to agency visitors or distribute at expos, community meetings, and local business venues. Business cards let everyone agents meet know about what they do. Get creative when designing printed media. Consider unique brochures in the shape of a house or ones that fold to express various messages and calls to action, such as “let us find you the perfect home” and “we know how to help you find mortgages.” Add plenty of images because real estate is a visual industry. Consider a unique business card, such as a transparent one or a card made from thick cardboard. Other options are magnetic cards or a card with your image.

Email Marketing Still Matters

In a world that continually checks social media for updates, email marketing still matters. A well-crafted email sent to interested parties is likely to get opened. Make the subject line a call to action, such as “affordable local listings – buying is cheaper than buying rent.” Reiterate the meaning of the call to action in the message and include a link for people to visit the agency site.

Text Messaging for Instant Attention

It seems people are always checking their smartphones to read text messages. From when to pick up the kids to staying in touch with business associates, text messaging is a popular way to communicate. Real estate agents should request the cell phone number of potential clients who show interest in buying or selling homes.  Ask if they would like you to communicate via text messaging.  If so, send buyers text messages with links to the latest house listings on the local market. Send sellers text messages with a link to current comparable home sales in the area with a brief market analysis. It is a non-pressure way to stay in touch with valuable contacts. Offering something they want encourages them to remain in touch. Fortune magazine recommends definitive calls to action, such as “I look forward to meeting with you in-person” rather than “I look forward to hearing from you.”

Attract Website Traffic and Leads

An interactive and responsive website is a real estate agent’s secret to success. Clients expect a well-established agency to have a navigable and professional site. The site should be mobile-friendly and search engine optimized. Establish accounts on leading social media platforms and provide links to them on the website. Add social media sharing buttons to blog articles and listings so they are easy to share. Periodically perform keyword research using a tool such as Google Analytics or Moz. Incorporate relevant local keywords into the website content, blog articles, and metadata. Content should be well-written and answer questions typical buyers and sellers might ask. Ensure each page and entry ends with a compelling call to action. One example is collecting email addresses with statements such as “subscribe for the latest listings” or “get our tips about buying foreclosures.” Another is enticing people to contact an agent for a free home matching consultation or current market evaluation.

Use these five real estate direct marketing strategies with calls to action to generate more leads. A call to action compels people to do more than read marketing materials. Once contact is made, real estate agents having the golden opportunity to show potential clients what they can do for them.

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