100 Ways to Be Better


100 Ways to Be Better is about improving your life as well as the lives of those around you. Below you will discover a variety of tips and recommendations to help you fill the year growth and happiness. There are ideas on how to be a better real estate professional, ways to improve your home, and tips on how you can positively impact those around you. One small act of kindness can have a significant impact and help improve your community.

1. Write down your goals and learn how to achieve them
2. Donate unused items to those in need.    
3. Alleviate stress and get organized.  
4. Start a gratitude journal.   
5. Set up a fitness room.   
6. Meditate more, especially before bed. 
7. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway after a snowstorm.   
8. Invest in apps that improve your state of mind.   
9. Listen to inspirational podcasts.  
10. Leave a positive comment on a social post.  
11. Buy from companies that treat their employees fairly. 
12. Pay for the person in line behind you.   
13. Surprise your server with a generous tip.  
14. Start the DIY project you’ve been putting off.   
15. Read literature about black history month. 
16. Organize your junk drawer.  
17. Learn how to improve your sleep.  
18. Declutter and organize your phone.  
19. Help BHGRE® and New Story build homes for families in need. 
20. Organize your kitchen pantry and cabinets. 
21. Call your loved ones more often. 
22. Support women-owned businesses. (#Women’s History Month) 
23. Create a calm workspace at home. 
24. Increase the value of your home.  
25. Reduce clutter and clean your home in a sustainable way
26. Ditch plastic and invest in reusable items.  
27. Help a neighbor plan or plant a garden
28. Recycle through upcycling.  
29. Give flowers to a stranger.  
30. Switch to rechargeable batteries
31. Make your home eco-friendly
32. Grow vegetables and donate what you don’t use.  
33. Follow social accounts that share positive news and tips.  
34. Spruce up your community. 
35. Organize a community garage sale and donate the proceeds to charity.  
36. Plant trees in your community or start a community garden. 
37. Gather a few friends and clean a local park or beach. 
38. Shop for groceries for an elderly neighbor.   
39. Give away items you no longer need via NextDoor.  
40. Take a walk as a family and pick up trash along the way. 
41. Support local businesses. 
42. Host a yard sale and donate the proceeds to charity.   
43. Smile at strangers or say hello.  
44. Consume less meat.  
45. Text or call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.    
46. Put inspirational signs in your car window.  
47. Take a day off to unplug and do your favorite things
48. Become pen pals with a homebound senior.  
49. Send a friend delivery with their favorite foods for no reason.  
50. Make your own compost. 
51. Help a friend or neighbor move. 
52. Cook your favorite recipe for a neighbor or coworker.  
53. Boost your mood with more plants around your home. 
54. Help save the bees.  
55. Eat better to feel better.  
56. Spend more time outside with family and friends. 
57. Create an outdoor space you will love. 
58. Give up your seat on a crowded bus, train, or subway.  
59. Make your home safe for pets
60. Donate old blankets, towels, and toys to animal shelters. 
61. Foster a pet for adoption. 
62. Introduce yourself to new neighbors and bring fresh flowers. 
63. After a positive experience with a worker, let their boss know.  
64. Create a calming and meditative space at home. 
65. Volunteer at an animal shelter
66. Adopt or sponsor an endangered species.  
67. Learn something new and enhance your skills.   
68. Tell your boss how much you appreciate a colleague.  
69. Take an art class such as photography. 
70. Compliment a stranger
71. Transform your home into a stress-free space.  
72. Go for a nature walk
73. Buy secondhand products.  
74. Support Latin owned businesses. #HispanicHeritageMonth 
75. Organize photo albums – printed or digital.  
76. Donate leftover Halloween candy. 
77. Write a letter of recommendation for someone deserving.  
78. Donate stuffed animals to help children in distress. 
79. Have your kids write to residents at an assisted living facility. 
80. Unplug appliances when you aren’t home to conserve energy. 
81. Donate gently used costumes and décor.  
82. Leave inspirational or uplifting notes for people to find.  
83. Give a friend a meaningful gift just for fun. 
84. Reduce your environmental impact
85. Make your favorite BH&G recipe for someone else. 
86. Deliver warm meals to homebound seniors. 
87. Assist a veteran by driving them to appointments or assisting them with errands. 
88. Only run appliances when they are full (such as the dishwasher and laundry machine) 
89. Organize a neighborhood food drive
90. Invest in eco-friendly appliances and products. 
91. Opt-out of paper bills and pay online. 
92. Donate unused gift cards to charity. 
93. Adopt a letter from Santa and make a kid’s wish come true. 
94. Donate a backpack filled with supplies to a foster child. 
95. Bring the mail in for an elderly neighbor. 
96. Write handwritten thank you notes for people. 
97. Host a weekly family or friends’ dinner. 
98. Spend time outside in the winter wonderland. 
99. Collect and donate coats, gloves, and hats to help people stay warm. 
100. Be kind to yourself!  

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