Outdated Kitchen? 10 Fast Fixes to Modernize the Kitchen Design

White kitchen with wooden chairs and accents

The pandemic brought families together for meals, work, school, and entertainment, often in an outdated kitchen. Modernizing the kitchen design became a priority to accommodate the new normal. Now clients buying a house prioritize a functional and inviting kitchen. Discover ten fast fixes to help sellers transform this space and attract more people who are buying a house.

Swap Out the Hardware

The hardware on drawers and cabinets gets worn and outdated with ongoing use. Encourage sellers to swap out the old hardware with new handles and pulls. For example, nickel hardware looks newer than old-fashioned bronze handles and is affordable to give the kitchen design a new look.

Just Add Paint

Most modern buyers don’t want bright or dark colors in the kitchen, such as dark red and canary yellow. Neutral hues appeal to more buyers and don’t distract them from other attractive elements in the kitchen. In addition, painting the walls and cabinets is a fast and budget-conscious way to transform an outdated kitchen into a new space.

Refresh the Flooring

The kitchen is a highly trafficked area, and the floors may show it. Many buyers prefer wood flooring, which is easily refinished to restore its natural beauty. Broken tiles should be replaced, and tired old flooring swapped out with something affordable and attractive, such as linoleum. Also, get rid of worn throw rugs that could cause visitors to slip and fall – plus, they make the room look tired.

Update Old-Fashioned Lighting

Today buyers want plenty of lighting in the kitchen, including natural light. Open the windows to let the sunshine in during the day. Eliminate outdated chandeliers and fixtures for pendant lights or recessed lighting. Another option is adding a dimmer switch to make the kitchen lighting adjustable.

Additional Storage

Storage became even more important to homeowners during the pandemic when everyone was living and working at home. Consider adding storage to the kitchen or dining room with a china closet, pantry, or portable island. Besides providing extra storage space, these elements often offer added workspace. 

Beautiful Lifestyle Elements

Lifestyle elements bring a touch of drama and luxury to the room. Add a potted plant, hanging pots, and wall hangings to liven up the kitchen. Display neutral accents, such as cookbooks, to give the room a homey feel. Some agents bake cookies before an open house to make it smell inviting – and most visitors appreciate the snack, too. 

Refresh with White

White is currently one of the most desirable colors to use in the kitchen. When people see white walls and cabinets, they instantly think of cleanliness and luxury. Plus, the white kitchens look beautiful in listing photos. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to a wide range of professional images to enhance their listings

Modernize Cabinets

While it might not be cost-effective for the sellers to replace the cabinets, modernizing them is affordable to update the kitchen. Take off broken or worn cabinet doors and use the shelving left to display eye-catching items, such as fine china. Other options include painting or refinishing the cabinet doors and adding new hardware. 

Create a Gathering Place

Buyers want to imagine themselves enjoying the kitchen. A gathering place is easy to set up with a table, chairs, flowers, and candles. Even tiny kitchens are enhanced with a bistro table in the corner, creating a cozy nook for dining, chatting, and reading. People buying a house will instantly feel welcomed and comfortable in a kitchen with a neutral gathering area. 

Upgrade Appliances

After spending months cooking at home, buyers recognize the importance of owning energy-efficient appliances. Upgrading the appliances is an investment but can also help sell a house faster. Additionally, energy-efficient appliances save buyers money on utility bills in the years ahead. Finally, a home with quality appliances tends to sell faster than one with dated ones.

If the sellers have an outdated kitchen, encourage them to make one or more of these fixes to attract more buyers. Agents who know what it takes to sell a house after the new normal will get back to business quickly. Plus, understanding how to help buyers and sellers during these challenging days will mean excellent word-of-mouth in the future.

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