10 Reasons Agents Need Continuing Education to Succeed in Real Estate

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Real estate agents get inspiration from the fact they can write their paychecks based on their overall input. However, effort and knowledge are crucial to staying relevant in a constantly evolving industry such as real estate. Discover ten reasons agents need continuing education throughout their careers to succeed in real estate and achieve their goals.

Meet State Licensing Requirements

One of the most important reasons for continuing education is to meet state licensing requirements. Each state differs, and agents should be aware of the number of continuing education hours required to earn and maintain a license. Failure to comply could result in a lost license and profits.

Build Trust and Credibility

Especially relevant for new agents, continuing education is a way to build trust and credibility among associates and clients. Agents who continually work to develop their skills and learn about the industry can assist clients with any inquiries they may have. Plus, agents speak and write with authority to make clients feel comfortable working with them.

Stay On Top of Industry Changes

As the pandemic proved, the real estate industry constantly evolves based on world and market conditions. Therefore, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for agents to move forward with business as usual. For example, agents learned how to show homes virtually during the pandemic to help sellers and buyers achieve their goals.

Be Aware of Current Best Practices

Agents who follow best practices build a respected reputation in the industry. Learning the latest regulations, laws, and technologies supports a progressive career. In addition, agents who find ways to share their knowledge of these best practices help everyone provide superior service to the community.

Find Out More About Niche Markets

Continuing education courses allow agents to learn more about niche markets. For example, an agent may take classes to help them assist first-time homebuyers or veteran buyers. Courses also offer information to allow an agent to select a target market, such as marketing to luxury homebuyers.

Develop Authority as an Industry Expert

As agents take more continuing education classes, they develop authority as industry experts. Ways to showcase this ability include publishing blog articles and sending email newsletters to clients. Another way to become known as a real estate authority is by sharing and interacting on social media to build a recognizable online presence in the neighborhood.

Provide the Highest Level of Service

Knowledge is power when it comes to providing outstanding service to clients. Continuing education courses give agents the tools to address clients’ pain points and help them effectively every step of the way. In addition, doing the coursework helps agents focus on innovative strategies to attract and keep clients.

Improve Earning Potential

Both new and experienced agents benefit from ongoing training. While new agents learn essential skills for success, seasoned ones regain a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for the industry. When agents are well-prepared, clients are best served – and satisfied clients spread the word, helping agents improve their earning potential.

Make Marketing Matter

Marketing matters when it comes to generating and nurturing leads in real estate. Classes may also cover a variety of marketing strategies, from photography skills to search engine optimization. From writing a stellar listing description to posting listings on social media, agents discover creative ways to attract more attention.

Be Prepared for the Future

Finally, education matters because it helps agents be prepared for industry changes. Understanding what the future brings means agents can offer meaningful advice to their clients. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to an impressive selection of continuing education courses to help fuel their future success. 

Passing the real estate licensing exam is just the beginning. Agents who value ongoing education provide the best service to clients and become respected authorities in the industry. With trust and confidence come the ongoing referrals agents need to succeed in real estate.

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