8 Ways to Maximize Video Marketing Efforts and Sell More Homes

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The most successful agents recognize the value of using creative visual elements to sell more homes. Buyers should be able to visualize themselves in a potential home before arriving. Discover how to maximize video marketing efforts to attract attention and get buyers to take action.

Create Listing Videos

While professional equipment and quality video matter, agents can easily make an effective listing with a decent smartphone and some inspiration. Walkthrough the house in a way that gives buyers a realistic tour of the place. Use strategies such as voiceovers for a sleeker presentation on a budget. Beyond photos and detailed descriptions, video provides the visual tour buyers expect – especially after quarantining when this was the chosen way to view homes for sale.

Do It With a Drone

Drone equipment is becoming more affordable and accessible to the public. Agents on a budget can consider renting the equipment or hiring a professional photographer. Drone photography is an excellent way to showcase large properties. Buyers get a bird’s eye view of the yard, outbuildings, and other external features to sell the property faster. Aerial photography also offers sweeping views of the neighborhood, which is helpful for out-of-town buyers. Post listings on social media with local tags, so they are found on the search results. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to a vast social media network to get more responses. 

A Complete 360

Once considered unique, COVID-19 made virtual tours and 360 photography practically mandatory in real estate marketing. Video and virtual tours became a viable way to attract buyers despite social distancing when it was impossible to host open houses. Plus, this is another excellent way to bring in more out-of-towners. Busy buyers narrow down their prospects by watching virtual tours and reading detailed descriptions. Ultimately, this also saves agents time and effort, helping to sell more homes faster. 

Share Testimonials

One of the most effective ways to market a property or agent is via word-of-mouth. Testimonials are a powerful way to drive traffic to a listing and a particular agent’s page. Potential clients want to know the experiences of others before deciding to hire an agent. Buying or selling a house is one of the most significant investments of a lifetime. Positive testimonials help agents gain trust and credibility in an increasingly competitive marketplace post-pandemic.

Offer How-To Expertise

Sellers want to know how to list their homes. Conversely, buyers need tips on the home buying process. Offering how-to tips on blogs and social media helps agents gain trust and connect with more clients. Consider localizing the content, such as how to stage a home for spring with local gardening ideas. The goal is to be innovative and provide actionable tips clients can use today. Remember to include the agent’s contact information to generate meaningful leads. 

Provide Market Updates

In a constantly changing real estate environment, buyers and sellers want to know the latest market conditions. During and after COVID-19, real estate values and the demand for houses in specific areas changed. Understanding these developments helps clients make educated decisions – and puts an agent’s name at the forefront when asking for wise advice. 

Give Them Live-Action

Get buyers to pay attention by going live on sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Live videos built excitement about a new listing, important market update, or noteworthy local event. Become a community and local real estate marketing expert by posting live videos with a unique and personal touch. Integrate keywords into the content, descriptions, and tags to help listings rank higher on Google – and bring in more potential buyers.

Make the Most of Social Media

Videos bring a personal touch to real estate listings and marketing agents. Use the opportunity to become more interactive on social media. Encourage questions and comments by presenting content that inspires visitors to take action. From compelling listings to a comprehensive how-to video, interactions on social media can be the first step toward building meaningful real-life business relationships. Whether listing or social media videos, keep them short and punchy, so watchers stay until the end – and take further action. 
Clients want accurate visual representations, informative tutorials, and meaningful market updates. Maximizing video marketing campaigns drive more traffic to listings and builds trust for helpful agents who offer real value. Agents who master video marketing sell more homes and make a recognizable online presence to get more leads.

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