How to Stage a House to Sell Quickly for Corporate Clients

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Staging is an effective way to guide the buyer’s eye to the finer features of a home for sale. Selling houses means knowing how to put together a creative presentation that attracts the right target market. Learn how to stage a house to sell quickly for corporate clients who are eager to move into their next phase in life.

Time Is Of the Essence

Corporate sellers and buyers are often pressed for time. One is trying to sell a house as quickly as possible to move to another location for work. And the other is eager to find the right home and start their lives in a new place. Agents who recognize the urgency in this niche market attract more clients. Staging a house the right way can bring in offers the first day it goes on the market. Work with corporate sellers to encourage them to get rid of clutter and personal items quickly so the house can be staged for sale.

Setting the Scene for Staging Success

Before hiring the staging company, walk through the house with the client to ensure all items are removed. Photographs, pictures, keepsakes, and other personal pieces should be put away. Old or worn furniture can be donated to someone who needs it. Trash should be thrown away rather than sitting in receptacles. And take most of the clothing out of the closets so buyers can see the space. Once everything is gone, the house is ready for staging. Step it up a few notches by hiring a cleaning company to clean the carpets and windows.

White is Clean and Fresh

Homeowners often have a passion for a specific color scheme, which might not appeal to potential buyers. Staying neutral is important so buyers can think of their items in the house. Take off the linens and remove the towels from the bathrooms. Replace patterned and colorful sheets and towels with white ones for a clean feeling. Crisp white linens look fresh and fit into any décor a potential buyer imagines during a tour.

Create a Natural and Neutral Setting

Specific colors make people think of gender, such as pink walls for a girl’s bedroom. These hues might not fit into the lifestyle of possible buyers. Paint the walls in neutral tones that are gentle on the eyes. Classic colors fit into almost any decorating plan. And remember to add natural touches throughout the house. Open the drapes to let natural light flood into the rooms. Put out a couple of live plants that don’t require frequent watering but still add a touch of life to the rooms.

Make Eating Areas Inviting

Make the eating areas look enticing to show what hosting will be like in the house. Stage the dining room and eat-in kitchen with placemats, napkins, and a seasonal centerpiece. Choose neutral colors that are suitable for the season, such as yellow and brown in the fall. Plates should be a solid color with traditional glasses and flatware. Create welcoming tables that make visitors want to sit down and enjoy the home. Put out some home-baked cookies on a dish and fresh fruit in a bowl to encourage potential buyers to stay awhile and picture themselves enjoying the home. Selling houses requires attention to detail to inspire buyers to make an offer.

Establish Fabulous Focal Points

The best features of a home should become focal points during a virtual or in-person tour. The house should tell a story as people walk through it. For example, arrange the furniture around a wood-burning stove in the den for a cozy feel. Find a focal point in every room then stage the area to draw the buyer’s eye to the feature. When buyers instantly recognize the array of amenities a home provides, they are more willing to make an offer right away.

Keep an Eye on Curb Appeal

If the house looks shabby from the outside, few buyers will ask to go inside for a tour. Outstanding curb appeal is imperative to stage a home to sell quickly. When it looks great from the outside, buyers want to see more. Replace burned-out light bulbs, fix cracked walkways, and get rid of debris and toys scattered around the yard. Do the weeding and edging for a clean look. And remember to add seasonal flowers to the gardens for a warm welcome right away.

Get Rid of the Old and Add New

Old lighting fixtures make a house look dated. For a minimal investment, corporate sellers can realize a maximum return by installing updated lighting. Worn furniture that looks like it was from Grandma’s house should be removed before staging and showing the home. Use a few pieces of furniture as possible to make the place look more spacious. Choose modern pieces that fit into the flow of the house so buyers can easily dream of living there. Once the house is staged, take photos to share in listings, brochures, and on social media to generate interest. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents are leaders in the social media space and use it to attract more attention to listings. Learning how to stage a house to sell quickly for corporate clients builds an agent’s reputation as a mover and shaker. Proving the ability to move these homes fast can become a lucrative career move that continues to generate business and referrals.

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