Six Creative Ways to Generate More Real Estate Leads

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The real estate agents who are actively selling houses have more than a license and access to available listings. The most successful agents and brokers recognize the power of intelligent networking and marketing. Discover six creative ways to get more real estate leads to boost profits and become known as a top-notch industry professional.

Set the Scene for a Sale

Creating the right mood is crucial to achieving your professional or personal goals. Savvy agents enter a home and assess it before showing it to potential buyers. What benefits does the property offer, and what are its weak points? Answering both of these questions before a showing helps agents focus on the advantages and be on top of addressing concerns over existing issues.

And, a listing agent walks sellers through the process of staging a house. A property sells faster and for more money when it looks its best. Essential staging tips include putting away all personal items, clearing out clutter, and cleaning the house. Focus on having a functional bathroom and kitchen with a cozy living room and dining area. Add modern furnishings in neutral hues to help buyers imagine themselves living at the property. When buyers can visualize the place as their own, it increases the odds of them making an offer.

Make the Pet Connection

Four-legged family members are becoming one of the leading considerations for many home buyers. People treasure their fur babies and want to purchase homes that make them comfortable. The features they look for may include a fenced yard and a single level living for small pets who might have difficulty climbing stairs. Remember to add these features in all property descriptions to inspire interest in pet-loving buyers.

Another way to connect with animal lovers is to host a pet-friendly event. Consider sponsoring a local shelter by hosting an adoption day. Or use a holiday to connect with pet people, such as offering dog treats for pooches who arrive at the office in costume on Halloween. Another option is to take photos of people with their pets for the holidays. The goal is to connect with the growing number of pet enthusiasts to help them find dream homes for themselves and their furry family members.

Host a Housewarming Party

After working with a client for a few months, it feels strange to give them a gift and business card at closing then lose contact. Former clients are one of the best resources for generating more real estate leads. Traditional ways to stay in touch include email newsletters and holiday cards. Why not take it to the next level by hosting a housewarming party for new buyers?

Reach out to the buyers a month after the closing and offer to throw a housewarming party. Tell the new owners you’ll invite the neighbors and cover the cost of food and beverages. Interacting with locals is an excellent way to get more leads. And, the new owners are often eager for an opportunity to meet their neighbors and feel connected, so everyone wins.

Pound the Pavement and Pick Up the Phone

Since the advent of the Internet, fewer agents are focused on old-school methods to get more leads. Though tedious, these tried-and-true strategies can still be quite useful. Start by grabbing a handful of business cards and a map to pound the pavement. Knock on doors, introduce yourself, and hand out information about the business. Offer free real estate advice or appraisals to give people a reason to contact you in the future.

Another option is to smile and dial for more business. Get prepared to face plenty of rejection, as people frequently feel hassled by telephone solicitations. But there will be those who listen to your pitch, so make the most of it and establish meaningful connections that could be lucrative in the future.

Become a Local Informer

Hyper-local news is a growing trend in growing neighborhoods where it can become a challenge to connect with other locals. Bring the community together by becoming a local informant. Create a blog offering the latest information about the area. Then share the posts on social media to reach out to more people. Post about upcoming community events and happenings with links to find out more. Encourage reciprocal relationships with other professionals and businesses, encouraging them to mention your business on their blogs and social media accounts.

Take it to the next level by becoming an amateur photographer or videographer. Capture images during a day at the park or while having dinner at a local hot spot. Share the best places to go around town so people will remember your name when they are ready to buy or sell a property. Include posts about the latest listings on the market, along with plenty of images. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to a library of professional photos to enhance the quality of their digital listings and posts.

Harness the Power of Technology

The Internet has become a phenomenal marketing tool for all types of business, including the real estate industry. And, technology is further fueling an agent’s ability to get more leads. Consider just a few of the many ways to use technology to connect with people and get more leads:

  • create  a blog to share local information and the latest property listings
  • post on social media, create groups and take advantage of live opportunities to create virtual tours of properties
  • send email marketing messages and newsletters
  • create text marketing messages to connect with millennials who may rarely use email
  • post ads on real estate sites and general ad sites such as Craigslist
  • capture unique images of properties for sale by using cutting-edge technologies such as drone photography
  • research current news and trends to keep a finger on the pulse of all industry        happenings

Learn how to use technology property or hire a professional to do it for you. Remember to keep SEO principles in mind when marketing homes online. Using the right keywords ensures agents connect with interested buyers and sellers.

Start selling houses and listing more properties by using these creative methods to reach out to potential clients. With some effort and imagination, agents can score enough real estate leads to meet or exceed their goals.

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