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Christina Nicholson

Personal branding is the key to setting yourself up for personal and professional success. In today’s episode of the Be Better Podcast, Donald is joined by PR pro and owner of Media Maven, Christina Nicholson, to discuss the importance of personal branding, regardless of your industry. 

No matter your business, everybody should build a brand.

  • The brand you build makes people want to work with you, and it encourages the trust and rapport that makes deals move forward.
  • If you go to any niche, industry, or city, you’ll find personal branding dictating purchases in that area and generating more leads. You can do the same!

Types of content that build brands:

  • There are three types of media: your personal media and content (which you have absolute control over), advertising, and earned media. 
  • In terms of personal media, you should have a website as your homebase, with a blog to share specialty content. You can then repurpose that blog into social media.
  • Give your audience value to make them want to see more. Add CTAs in everything, even if the CTA is just to like, comment, and follow. 
  • Podcasts are huge for building personal brands. The intent of someone listening to a podcast is more engagement-driven than scrolling on the phone.

Milestones to look for when making a personal brand.

  • It’ll be different for everyone. If the goal is organic growth from an online blog, your KPIs could be tied to your Google Analytics.
  • For a podcast host, it could be the number of downloads of show episodes.
  • Ask yourself, “why do I want this?” Make sure your efforts and milestones support that goal.

Grab the low-hanging content fruit:

  • Determine where you like being and where your audience is. Then, balance the two.
  • Be consistent. Consider using a scheduler to post content to ensure you have consistent content for people to consume.
  • Consider posting the same thing multiple times, because viewers see millions of things each day, and might need the reminder.
  • Have branded images that show what you do. Don’t just take professional headshots (though they’re always good to have.) Have candid or action shots that demonstrate your personality.

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