Ten Best Smart Home Marketing Tips for Tech-Savvy Agents

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The smart home has become a buzzword among buyers of all backgrounds. Initially, smart homes were sought after by upscale consumers with a passion for technology. Now consumers are discovering the benefits of intelligent features and want to find a house with them. Learn the ten best smart home marketing tips for tech-savvy agents to start cashing in on this growing market.

Educate Buyers

An agent who educates buyers becomes established as an industry expert. As smart homes become increasingly popular, knowledgeable agents will need to sell them. Smart homes need a reliable Internet connection. Features currently offered may include smart locks, smart thermostats, cameras, and energy-efficient appliances. Let buyers know what they can get and the benefits of buying a smart home. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to ongoing educational opportunities to learn about the latest market developments and share them with their clients.

Talk to Me

Smart home devices “talk” to consumers and help them find information on the Internet, comment on a news story, and more. When a future buyer wants to look for a local business, it can be as simple as asking for the phone number and connecting. Within seconds, the information is at the user’s fingertips. Express how this interactive process saves time, which is a critical factor for busy buyers.

Personalized Approach

Take a personal approach to the best smart home marketing. As people become more familiar with this advanced technology, they will want certain features. Discover the most coveted features and highlight them in all marketing materials. Research what the buyers can’t wait to have and find a house that offers it. Customized marketing shows an agent knows how to listen and cares about the client.

Focus on Comfort

Smart features provide the ultimate level of comfort for homeowners. For example, interactive devices provide instant answers without the time it takes to do research. Smart thermostats keep the interior of a home or office temperature-controlled, based on the owner’s preferences. Cameras help to ensure the property is secure, even when the owners are away. Discerning buyers will find these benefits both practical and irresistible.

Spotlight on Security

Smart locks provide the ultimate level of security. Smart devices are used to monitor the premises and prevent intruders from trying to enter the house. If someone gets into the house, there are devices to let the occupants know about it. Investing in a smart home helps buyers avoid unpleasant surprises such as this in the future. Cameras and remote monitoring provide security and peace of mind when the owners are away.

Video the Features

Show and don’t tell potential buyers about the features of the home. One way to get noticed is to take a video of how to use these features and the benefits they offer consumers. When possible buyers see these innovative features in action, they want to learn more. In the future, they become an ongoing stream of leads for patient agents who wait out the market. Tap into the power of social media, such as Facebook Live, to share a live video tour of a smart home and all its exciting possibilities.

Deliver a Hands-On Experience

Take marketing efforts up to the next level. While a video tour is compelling, nothing compares to having a personal experience. Show the home with its features in-person. Encourage buyers to try them to see how a smart home works. Building familiarity about a smart home potential generates more interest in these innovative properties. Once buyers touch it, they want to buy it.

Ease of Use

Some homeowners are reluctant about adopting smart technologies and question if they will be able to use them. An in-person demonstration reveals how easy smart features are to use. When a buyer tries it, they will instantly recognize the ease of use and how much time it can save to invest in a smart home with all the helpful bells and whistles. From automatically opening blinds to timed lighting, everyone is done for the owner.

Save Energy and Money

Energy-efficient appliances are often part of a complete smart home package. Over time, the use of smart appliances helps homeowners save thousands of dollars in utilities. And reduced energy use is a green way to be kind to the world, saving valued resources for future generations. Besides being convenient, smart homes help people save energy and money.

Look to the Future

Encourage buyers to leave the old locks, appliances, and devices behind. Smart technology is the wave of the future. A growing number of buyers are explicitly looking for smart homes to gain the advantage of reduced utility bills for years to come. The future of smart technology looks bright as the tech-inspired millennial generation expects houses to have convenient and money-saving features. Use these ten best smart home marketing tips to help tech enthusiasts find a house they love. Educate clients about the advantages of owning a smart home to start building a niche in this growing target market. Knowledgeable agents with specific information about smart homes become a valued resource for buyers and sellers. And word-of-mouth travels fast, attracting more referrals to build an agent’s tech-inspired client base.

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