Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

Marketing Experiments blog did a great job of compiling a list a must read Twitter tips for business all in one post. Just when you think you have Twitter figured out (love or hate wise) another new way it is being used in business springs up. This post titled Twitter for businesses: 7 articles + tools you don’t want to miss is ripe with information you… don’t want to miss.

The migration from the big screen (computers) to the little (screen smart phones) appears to be where greater innovation is taking place despite the limitations in screen size. Brian Boero from 1000wattblog raises awareness to its impact on real estate and offers reasons why a small screen real estate experience might be better than a large screen experience for the consumer in this post titled Real Estate technology is headed straight for the small screen.

Want proof that social media has a clear and distinctive ROI? How about the $3,000,000+ in sales Dell can account for directly from Twitter. RWW details it in their post titled: Social Media ROI: Dell’s $3m on Twitter and Four Better Examples

Fast Company published this post about the 10 Most Creative People in the Web Business. Some I’m sure you’ve heard of and some you most likely have not. It’s worth clicking through their names and getting familiar with them and their stories as these folks are creating things we not only can’t seem to live without but as truly shaping the future of the Web.

In their new bestselling book, Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success (HarperCollins), ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman and BBC Washington correspondent Katty Kay write that women are “hot commodities” with tremendous, untapped power in the marketplace. In the Age of Obama, mainstream businesswomen are lifting “the veil of secrecy,” to be more transparency about workplace issues such as the balance between careers and motherhood. Published here

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