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Occasionally we need to laugh at how funny the English language can be. I saw this and couldn’t help but be amused.

For the second year in a row, Cramer-Krasselt – a full service agency based in Chicago whose clients include Corona beer, AirTran Airways, Levitra and Porsche… have published their “Cultural Dictionary” . What’s this got to do with real estate? Nothing really, I just thought I was funny and we could use a light moment in our day.

PR, marketing, advertising and communications professionals may want to work some of these new words into their next deliverable and see what sort of reaction they get!

Some of my new word favorites:

  • “Social Notworking” (n.): The loss of productivity caused by too much time spent on Facebook.
  • “Textually Frustrated” (adj.): To wait impatiently while the SMS system catches up, for example, is to be “textually frustrated
  • Carborexic (n.): A person who is obsessed with minimizing his or her use of carbon
  • Disemvowel (v.): To remove the vowels from a piece of text as a form of censure in order to render the piece more difficult to read; generally done by the moderator of an online community.
  • Micro-Boredom (n.): What we used to call downtime is now increasingly filled by fiddling with mobiles or BlackBerrys. Those who market these devices, or the services they use, see it as an opportunity to sell us something.
  • Twitterrhea (n.): well that’s self explanatory!

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