Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

The number of boomers adopting social networks and Web 2.0 tools online continue to rise especially with regard to using platforms that offer new ways to communicate with their loved ones. While the younger generation may not be so quick to friend mom and dad on Facebook, according to this article in Adage this week, both generations are enjoying the benefits of Skype. Next thing you know, Grandma will be tweeting with the grand kids. And what a great way to bridge the generation gap.

Mashable reports on what we already know about Twitter and Facebook in this short piece that charts their continued penetration into the mainstream. There’s no question that this is both fascinating and fun. But I am eager to hear about the real success stories in real estate – your stories – and compare them to our own personal experiences using them here at 1 Campus Drive.

As Twitter continues to penetrate our culture and grown beyond its simple origin, application providers galore seek ways to help us manage the ebb and flow of the broadcasts. This week Seesmic, the makers of Twhirl introduced a new desktop client that rivals the ever popular Tweetdeck. Techcrunch reported it here.

Geekestateblog examines ways Websites can be properly optimized for SEO without compromising the user experience in this post titled Is Your Website Optimized for SEO. This is a quick and easy read. The post also illustrates the benefits of building a site in WordPress.

Struggling to get people to come to your open house? Well maybe pulling a few free standing signs out of your trunk and planting them at the end of the street is just not as alluring as it used to be. That’s what agent Dan Polimino realized. So he tried a completely different tactic with some amazing results. Truliablog reports on it here.

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