10 Spring Moving Tips to Make Your Client’s Move Easier


As a real estate agent, your clients will look to you for valuable information. What may surprise you is that sometimes, having knowledge that goes above and beyond their expectations can set you apart from your direct competition. Additionally, it will enhance your client’s experience and encourage better word-of-mouth support and an increase in referrals. Offer your clients extra information, such as these moving tips and checklists for moving, and make their move easier and their experience with your services even better.

Preparation is Key

Before implementing any of the following packing tips for moving, have all of the packing supplies on hand. Gather all of the boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other materials needed to make the packing experience easier once you get started.

Pack per Room

Start in one room, and work your way through the house. You may also want to designate a room within the home to be the center of packing to keep things organized and the rest of the house livable and clean throughout the moving process. This room should have a large table to make the packing process easier on the body.

Smart Labeling

Labeling is the best moving tip for keeping the moving process from getting too hectic. Make sure that all boxes are labeled with the room they should be unloaded in, as well as the items inside of it. Don’t forget to label the top and side of the box to make it easy to read.

Stay Organized

Now that you’ve properly labeled all of the boxes, you must make sure that the items put into each box is completed in an organized fashion. While it’s tempting to pack items in whatever boxes that still have space, try to refrain from doing so. It will make the unloading and unpacking process significantly harder and way more frustrating.

Pack per Weight

One of the best moving tips to remember is to pack heavier items in smaller boxes, and lighter items in larger boxes. Items such as books and kitchen cookware can get extremely heavy as they pile up, and when placed in a large box, they can be extremely hard to maneuver.

Overnight Bag

On moving day, there will be some items that you still need to have readily available at any given time. Have an overnight bag that stores all of your essentials, from toilet paper to makeup, clothing for the day and paper plates and cutlery if needed.

Pack Essentials Last

As for the essentials that you won’t necessarily need during the packing process but will certainly need to unload first, pack them separately and last. Mark the box clearly so it can be loaded into the moving truck last, so it can be the first box removed and unloaded as well.

Eliminate Clutter

Another amazing moving tip is to take advantage of this time. It’s not every day that you’ll have to opportunity to go through all of your belongings. Sort through your possessions and donate anything that doesn’t need to make its way over to your new house.

Start Packing Now

The worst thing you can do when moving is procrastinating. Even if it appears that only a few items are left to pack, you’ll be amazed at how many more items you will find along the way. Implement these moving tips as soon as possible, and start packing today. Start with the items you don’t need, such as décor and little ins and outs, and work your way through your house to the more important items.

The best part is once all the packing is done, you’re left with nothing but excitement for your new home!

Share these moving tips with your clients, and they will be grateful for the incredible knowledge, and your “above-and-beyond” real estate service.

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