Trendy Ways to Market High-End Real Estate to Luxury Buyers


Luxury buyers expect far more than curb appeal and an open house with sandwiches. Appealing to an affluent market requires creativity, commitment, and a finger on the pulse of what they want now. Discover trendy ways to market high-end real estate to luxury buyers that get attention and establish agents as leaders in this exclusive niche.

Create an Experience

The traditional listing approach falls short a luxury buyer’s expectations. Consider how luxury vehicles and apparel market their products. Innovative marketing builds anticipation and desire with a sense that the buyer is getting something nobody else has. Luxury agents should have an established web presence and blog to provide meaningful updates for affluent clients. Leverage this expertise to showcase a home in an attention-grabbing way with well-written descriptions and evocative imagery. High-end buyers want to be enveloped with exciting possibilities rather than approached with mundane realities.

Appeal to the Entourage

Luxury buyers may not be flying solo on their home search. Many work with a team of accountants, architects, contractors, and attorneys who are part of the decision-making process. Remember to reach out to the entourage and provide all pertinent information. Be accessible to the buyer’s team to answer questions or help as needed. Ignoring a member of this essential entourage could be a deal-breaker for a buyer who depends on their expertise. Failure to communicate or cooperate could mean losing the buyer’s trust. Becoming an integral part of the team can mean future business and referrals.

Host a Sensational Soiree

A quiet open house with cookies baking in the oven won’t impress luxury buyers. These discerning clients want a memorable event people will talk about long after it ends. Host a sensational soiree with entertainment, local celebrities, and industry professionals. Consider the time of day the house looks best. For example, a home with large windows and a southern exposure gets drenched in light during the afternoon. Or a house with a lighted swimming pool and outdoor kitchen would be perfect for an early evening party. Use the opportunity to show off what makes the house unique and get people talking about it.

Stage the Scene for Success

Home staging is crucial for high-end real estate. Often it can be done with the existing furniture unless it is old-fashioned or highly unique. Encourage the sellers to remove all personal items that could distract buyers from imagining themselves enjoying the home. Sometimes it helps to hire a professional home staging service that can appeal to the seller without jeopardizing the deal. An outside expert can protect the agent-client relationship while preparing the house to look its best for potential buyers.

Provide a Virtual Tour

International house seekers, investors, and busy luxury buyers want to view a home virtually before scheduling a personal tour. They don’t want to spend time at the property unless it is a viable option. Use the latest technologies to highlight the features of the home, such as 3D video and panoramic views. Virtual reality takes these visual presentations up several notches in the eyes of affluent buyers because they feel like they are actually visiting the home. And this type of compelling photography can inspire an offer before a buyer even sees the property in-person.

Invest in Professional Photography and Aerial Images

Generic photos taken by a smartphone with Google map images are not enough to resonate with luxury buyers. Invest in professional photography to use on a dedicated landing page or site for the home as well as the MLS listing and promotional brochures about the property. Include aerial images to show the layout of the gardens, swimming pool, outbuildings, garage, deck, tennis courts, and other outdoor features. A spectacular photographic overview of high-end real estate is a strong call to action.

Showcase the Assets

Luxurious homes have a variety of amenities. Showcase all the assets in the photos and descriptions. Be complete without overlooking small details that could be significant in the eyes of the pickiest buyers. Smart home features and energy-efficient appliances are coveted in the modern market. Focus on desirable assets such as a swimming pool with a waterfall and hot tub, a dual-walled fireplace, and mature trees with landscaped gardens. Provide an overview that encourages readers to want more and call to schedule a viewing.

Stir Up a Buzz

Make sure everyone who is anyone knows about the latest luxury home for sale. Saturate all available resources including online listings, local publications, word-of-mouth, and social media posts. Tap into the power of social media with Facebook live tours, Twitter updates, Snapchat snippets, and YouTube video tours. Interact with visitors and respond to comments instead of delivering a mundane monologue. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents learn how to confidently use social media to reach out to potential clients and other industry professionals. From hiring a landscaper for optimum curb appeal, to virtual reality tours, there are plenty of trendy and effective ways to market high-end real estate. An agent who deeply understands the wants and needs of an affluent buyer is sure to get plenty of positive word-of-mouth. The initial expense and dedication can result in a profitable sale and future business in this desirable niche market.

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