5 Rules for Real Estate Success

5 Rules for Real Estate Success

The current real estate market offers an overwhelming amount of opportunity to the agent willing to hone their skills and maintain a commitment to the fundamentals.

A successful agent in today’s market understands the need to practice their craft. They are also willing to embrace the preparation process required to meet and overcome any and all obstacles.

Owning a home has long been the American dream and following these five simple rules, provides a means to making that dream a reality.

5 Rules for Real Estate Success

Rule #1

Never Stop Prospecting–  The law of averages reveals a simple statistical occurrence.  In order to increase your sales, you must double or triple the amount of prospects you speak with on any given day. The success behind this basic premise lies in the amount of people you speak with, rather then the quality of the prospect.

We contend that in order to succeed in today’s market, you not only need to speak with enough people, but with the right people as well. Be diligent in your research, know your niche and get in front of your target consumer on a daily basis. From there, you must be able to immediately identify and meet their needs.

Rule #2

Conquer your fears – Whether it is cold calling or a listing presentation that makes you queasy,  do not allow fear to obstruct your pursuit of success. Continually work to recognize, analyze and overcome any fear you find debilitating.

Rule #3

Develop a discipline – It is easy for an agent to lose sight of what matters most with the daily barrage of phone calls, meetings and to-do’s. Create a schedule and make that live within a system that keeps you focused and on track. Even the best of intentions are sidelined when the day takes control, rather then owning the day from the moment it begins.

Rule #4

Never stop working your listings – Listings are the name of the game – no matter the market conditions, your personal inventory is the foundation of your business. Without listings you are a store without merchandise and shoppers will quickly pass you by.

Rule #5

Relationship marketing pays – Studies have shown that prospects making a large purchase must be exposed to a brand at least eight times before the brand stays top of mind.  This means that simply picking up the phone and making cold calls is not enough. You must follow up and form a relationship with your prospects over time. Consistently staying in front of them with valuable and relevant information will establish you as the go-to resource within your community.

What rule would you add to this list?

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