Set Strategic Goals for Accelerated Success

Set Strategic Goals for Accelerated Success

Goals are the fuel that propels us towards our dreams.  They give us a reason, a purpose and a passion for all we do.  Whether it is within our personal or professional lives, strategic goals have the power to keep us focused, confident and determined to reach our final destination.

Nevertheless, simply voicing those goals is not where the magic begins or ends. Envisioning short and long-term goals, writing each one down and placing them in to a systematic follow-up system are the key to long-term success.

Make Your Goals Stick

In 1953, Yale’s graduating seniors were surveyed to determine how many of them had specific, written goals for their future.  At graduation time, only 3% of the class had written down their goals.   Twenty years later, researchers polled the same members of that class and found that the 3% who had written down their goals had amassed more financial wealth than the other 97% combined!

The Yale study provides insight into a few fundamentals that successful real estate professionals have known for decades. The secret to not just surviving, but thriving in today’s market requires visualization, implementation and follow through.

Steps to Setting Strategic Goals

Visualize What You Want

Find a quiet location where you can clearly envision what you want, when you want to accomplish it and the specific steps it will take to make your goals materialize. Next, discuss each goal with a coach or mentor that has the ability to offer feedback and support.

Be explicit in what it is you want to achieve and then make claim to it.  Verbalizing what you want offers clarity of purpose.  There is no way to truly appreciate what it is you’re working towards without believing it can and will be yours.

Write Down Your Goals

Something remarkable happens when you take pen to paper and write out your goals.  Writing down goals creates a bond and commitment on both a conscious and subconscious level.  Give your mind a strategically designed map along with a destination.

Create Your Plan of Attack

Once you have written down the specific details of your goals, add each step required to achieve that goal.  It is critical that you accompany each overarching goal with a break down of the daily, weekly and monthly activities as well as your performance objectives and measurement of accomplishment. This written list will eventually live inside of your calendar and act as a daily reminder of where you are headed and how you will get there.

Schedule a Deadline

Give yourself a deadline and add it to your calendar. Deadlines create a sense of urgency.  They also allow you track and monitor your progress along the way. Milestones are a great way to keep you energized and motivated. As you hit key benchmarks, do not forget to celebrate your success.  Your celebration can be as simple as grabbing your favorite scoop of ice cream, just so long as your remember to congratulate yourself on your achievements.

Throw in a Stretch Goal

Do not be afraid to raise the bar by including one stretch goal. Setting low expectations can leave you feeling less than enthusiastic about your results. Setting larger, somewhat scary goals gives you the ability to spread your wings and stretch beyond your current comfort zone.

Strategic goals can be incredibly effective if we commit to their execution.  Consistently working towards goals, whether big or small is the vital ingredient to sustained success.

If your goals are creating less than stellar results, know that it is never too late to pledge your devotion to new beginnings and forward momentum!

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