Sell More Effectively by Asking the Right Questions

Sell More Effectively by Asking the Right Questions

We all remember what it was like to ask our parents a million questions about the world we were growing up in. We were curious, wild-eyed and willing to learn. We battered our parents with a barrage of questions because our inquisitive nature begged to be satisfied.

While our childhood years might be behind us, as sales professionals we must remain eager to learn and willing to ask prospects the important, but often times uncomfortable questions.

Asking Strategic Questions

Although we might be more selective in our line of questioning as adults, it is possible that we are not discriminating enough. Every real estate professional should strive to offer relevant, valid information that allows the prospect to make an educated and informed decision. Unfortunately, many shy away from the critical questions and find that a whole lot of time has been wasted.

Creating a strategic, targeted, focused, line of questioning is critical when working with prospects.  It is also important to have the ability to modify and adapt the strategy at the drop of a hat.

Without this, you might miss an important piece of information along the way that could make the sales process much less painful. Ask yourself: what questions have you forgotten to raise in the past that might have revealed a significant part of the equation? Without the necessary pieces to the puzzle, there is no way to discover or gain an understanding of what it is the prospect truly needs.

Don’t Pitch, Just Ask

Whether intentional or not, prospects are often immersed in the home buying or selling process and are unable to offer the details a Realtor® needs to perform their job. The good news is that there are some steps you can take to minimize the chance of playing Monday morning quarterback and wishing you could have a “do over” with up-front discovery.

First, write down each of your most important questions and know what answers you are looking for. Second, have a couple of potential follow-up questions prepared and written down. Third, be ready to shift your line of questioning to ensure you leave with the information you need.  Fourth, turn the questions into a conversation. You do not want to appear as if you are interrogating the prospect. Rather, turn your questions into a relationship building opportunity.

Your goal should be to gather as much helpful information as possible in an unobtrusive manner.  Strive to set yourself apart and create differentiation from the typical sales professional who is simply chasing after a transaction.

Your Homework:

Think about what discovery questions you can ask that offer the most valuable insight and lead you towards a long and beneficial relationship.

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