Real Estate Skills and Abilities to Master Now for a Better Career Later

When working conditions
change radically, agents need to transform their approach to stay active. While
meetings and open houses might be impossible during a worldwide crisis, it is
an ideal time for real estate education and
development. Discover real estate skills and abilities
to master now for a better career in the future.

Get Organized

Organization is critical
for agents who are constantly dealing with multiple properties and clients.
Even well-organized agents can take this time to reassess their current systems
and make meaningful updates. Explore software options for scheduling, sending
promotional emails, and other routine tasks. Automating these essential duties
save time while helping agents stay on top of all the important details.

Update Databases

Databases are crucial to
an agent’s success. Listings, clients, and agents are all organized using
databases, which typically require periodic updating. Often a dreaded task with
all the other work on an agent’s agenda, now there is more time to devote to
tweaking data and making essential updates to ensure the data is valid.

Write Content

Agents with blogs and
dedicated social media accounts attract more targeted traffic to their
listings. Writing content is time-consuming and regular posts might be skipped
when an agent is busy. Use the downtime to craft compelling content that
addresses the unique concerns people have during a worldwide crisis. Also craft
evergreen content about topics such as first-time homebuyers and staging a
home. Timely content benefits agents today while timeless articles will
continue to attract traffic in the future. Creating a current body of content
keeps agents in front of clients, establishing trust and authority for the
better days ahead.

Be a Social Media

Get interactive on social
media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Become a social media
posting relevant content about the current market and world conditions.
Interact with others, join local and industry groups, and deliver meaningful
answers during a time of questions. An agent who can keep people informed and
hopeful during challenging times will be remembered when the crisis is over.

Take Online Classes

Agencies, local colleges,
and online educational centers all offer free and low-cost classes to help
agents develop better real estate skills and abilities. A quick online search
can help agents locate online courses that help them become better at
everything from business development to accounting. Better Homes and Gardens®
Real Estate affiliated agents can access the robust offerings at the Be Better University® to help build their professional
careers now and in the years to come.

Get to Know SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization
(SEO) strategies put agents and listings in front of more prospects. Choosing
relevant keywords with high volume and low competition helps an agent’s content
to crawl up the ranks of the search engines. Keywords should be naturally
peppered into the content, titles, tags, and metadata. Refreshing old content
with updated keywords and tags maximizes the resources an agent has and helps
generate more leads.

Learn Photography and

Panoramic images, aerial
photography, 3D photography, videography, and virtual reality are all ways to
attract buyers to available properties. These cutting-edge technologies create
images that reach out to people searching for properties. The right photographs
and videos can sell a house faster and attract buyers from other areas.
Investing in professional photography makes a difference, but is also an added
expense. Agents with time on their hands can learn these technologies to take
images that are sure to attract more listings.

Earn Field-Related

Many licensing courses,
including the class for a real estate agent, can be taken online for a minimal
fee. Agents should consider earning additional field-related licenses to
broaden their expertise and become more profitable. Options may include
becoming a notary public or a real estate appraiser. An agent can visit his or
her state licensing page to review the possible options.

Stay Connected

While in-person meetings
and open houses are impossible, agents can still stay connected. Send email
newsletters and text message updates, based on the person’s preferred method of
contact. Use sites such as Facebook Live to offer real-time tours of
properties. Schedule video meetings and conferences to stay in touch with other
professionals. Make phone calls to regular clients to see how they are doing
and if there is any way to help. An agent who stays connected during the
hardest times will be remembered and consulted as the global situation

Plan for the Future

Make plans for the future
and how to celebrate when the crisis is over. People will be ready to embark on
life and get back into business. Now is the time for agents to develop a plan
to connect with clients and other professionals when the time is right,
Consider a party, seminar, expo, or other gathering to bring people together
and talk about real estate.

Mastering real estate skills and abilities now is a way to
ensure greater success in the future. The accolades an agent achieves today
through ongoing real estate education become the
money-earning skills of tomorrow.

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