You know you’re tech savvy if …

Or, better yet, what is “tech savvy”?

The word technology sends a chilling tingle of fear down some agents’ spines.  “I’m not computer savvy” excuses are often followed by the nervous chuckle that translates to please don’t hold that against me. The enabler in me wants to tell them it’s okay, I did’t grow up with computers either. But its no longer 2001 and just about everyone these days is not only proficient on computers, many, throughout all age groups are considerably experimental with them.

Today, the course of action is tough love.  Let’s face it, you don’t have to be computer savvy or a technological geek to use the products that make our world go around. After all, I’m not mechanically savvy, nor am I a body builder and therefore can’t build or lift motorcycles, but I don’t need either skill to ride them.  All I need to know is how to balance and call a mechanic if it breaks down.

Learning to ride and using technology are not that different from each other.  In the beginning there is a tinge of fear and it takes time to learn balance but if you want to ride, fear is not an option.  So you practice.  And with practice, fear dissipates and the ride is enjoyable.

I’m not saying we all should become full-time bloggers. Heck, we barely have enough full-time real estate agents (but I’ll save that for another post). I’m also not suggesting we all run out and take classes on website design. But before you hit the escape key and yell, “eek, a mouse!” look at these five tech savvy indicators. You may just be surprised how tech savvy you are.

Are you tech savvy?

  • If you own a laptop, desktop PC, and/or smart phone of any brand, etc, you’re real estate tech savvy.
  • If you can enter personal information to an online form, you’re real estate tech savvy.
  • If you can attach a picture of your kids, dog, cat, grandchildren, etc., to an email, you’re real estate tech savvy.
  • If you can send a link to a website to a friend, you’re real estate tech savvy.
  • If you can say something – anything in less than 140 characters, you’re real estate tech savvy.

Yes, these indicators are the tip of the technology iceberg, but if you want to grow and thrive in real estate, fear is not an option.

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