What Your Style of Home Says About Your Personality

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Home design is an important deciding factor when buying a home. This is because, like fashion and career choices, style of home is a form of self-expression. Architects and interior decorators alike have a deep understanding behind the power of design.

Each will weave a client’s individual interests into the home in a unique and deeply personal way. Because let’s face it, people’s personalities are one-of-a-kind so naturally their style of home should be as well.

So what does your home style say about you? Read on to find out!

Home Style and Your Personality


Bungalows, an adorably small single-story home popped up across the United States around the time of WWI. Originating in India, this style of home known to be simple and easy to maintain became an instant hit through mail-order catalogs.

With styles ranging from the Craftsman to the California bungalow, owners that wish to maintain a carefree and easy lifestyle find these incredibly appealing. Bungalow owners are liberated in personality and eager to keep their expenses low and their lifestyle trouble-free.

bungalow house

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod originated in the early 18th century and was originally brought over as half-timbered English houses. It was then remodeled to meet the colder weather found in New England.

Typically a one-and-a-half story dormered home, the Cape Cod features pretty side gables, a small overhang and sloped roof. Such a home has a strong owner who loves to relax and enjoy a structured home after a long and busy day. The Cape Cod owner is warm-hearted in nature and tries to create an atmosphere that’s in commune with the beautiful scenery around them.

cape cod house


The Craftsman style is simple and honest in design, thought to be a true expression of American architecture. A home that emerged towards the end of the late 19th century, the Craftsman was part of the British design and art movement that made its way to Boston in 1890.

The elegant design incorporating hand crafted objects makes it both unique and artistically appealing. An owner living in a Craftsman is whimsical and deeply immersed in the small details of life, paying close attention to the quality rather than quantity of life.

craftsman house


A Tudor style creates the link between ancient and modern architecture. Owners of these homes appreciate history, but are very aware of the conveniences that modern advances offer.

A Tudor homeowner considers upgrades such as a modern kitchen and energy-efficient features a necessity. They also appreciate the unique and rich aspects of a Tudor home finding themselves drawn to the finer details of life.

tudor house


A person with a Victorian home style is extravagant. The building and all its applications tell a story of the person’s sentimental personality.

Victorian designs are beautiful and tend to create fantasy and dreams around them.

victorian house

So which type of home fits your personality? Understanding your personality type and the style of home that makes you happy will make your homebuying experience easier and your life as a homeowner much more enjoyable!

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