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I just celebrated my 4 year anniversary at Realogy. A lot has changed within our industry during the last 4 years.  A lot of the change has been good, and that is what I want to write about today. Overall it appears that we are a kinder gentler industry than we were 4 years ago.  Partnerships have formed that would never have happened in the past.  Mergers have taken place for the sake of survival not ego. And the role of real estate agent is shifting to that of trusted advisor and collaborator. Consumers today are grateful to qualify to buy a home and thankful if their home actually sells. That sense of entitlement has thankfully melted away on all fronts.

Those days of extravagant Holiday parties and big gifts are thankfully gone as well. It all seems kind of superficial and meaningless now. In today’s world we actually take time to enjoy the people we are celebrating with rather than the celebration itself, which is refreshing. Last week I took my team out to Chevy’s for a Holiday party and encouraged them go home a little early that day. How nice it was to sit back and enjoy the laughter and small talk and not worry as to whether the food was expensive enough.  One of my favorite gifts this year was 2 movie tickets and some popcorn. It is the luxury of taking time to actually go a movie that is the true gift.

When you think about it,  the small things  really matter. Being thoughtful, kind and generous really matter. Putting others before yourself really matters. Family really matters.

This year I sent out an electronic Holiday greeting to over 8,000 people. I thought it was a clever way to connect with my entire network. Then I received a message from one of our agents who asked what happened to actually receiving personal cards in the mail. It got me thinking  – he is right. Better to send out fewer but meaningful notes to individuals than a mass message to thousands.

As you wind down for a few days and prepare for a brand new year, consider participating in some things that really matter:

  • Send personal notes to those who truly made a difference in your life this past year and thank them.
  • Unselfishly share some good ideas with others who might truly benefit from them.
  • Compliment a stranger.
  • And make time to enjoy your family and friends. Nothing is more important than that.

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