8 Ways to Use Welcoming Entryways to Attract More Real Estate Buyers


Agents and sellers only have one chance to make a stellar first impression. After that, a lack of curb appeal drives potential buyers away. Discover eight ways to use welcoming entryways to ignite interest in properties and attract more real estate buyers.

Paint the Door

The first feature buyers see when they arrive for an open house, or showing is the front door. While replacing the front door could be impractical and costly, a worn entrance door makes a poor impression on buyers before they even enter the place. Painting the door is a cost-effective way to transform its appearance and refresh the entryway. Consider glossy paint for an eye-catching glow or a bold color, such as red, that grabs attention.

Update the Door Hardware

While examining the front door, check the hardware to ensure it works properly and looks modern. Replace a faulty or old door handle with a shiny one that looks secure. Consider adding basic security features, such as a camera or outside motion sensor lights to make the entryway look safe. Plus, security lights make it easier for agents to show the house after dark. After updating the front door, include photos in the listing description. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate affiliated agents have access to a wide range of digital marketing tools to maximize the scope and potential of every listing.

Clean the Walkway and Entrance Area

Often sellers overlook clutter and everyday items in the entryway. Clean the entrance of stray shoes, jackets, mail, and other things. Then examine the walkway to the front door and the steps, if there are any. Ensure they are free of debris, toys, and clutter, and ask the sellers to sweep the walkways and entry before showing the house. The path to the door should be clear of clutter for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.

Make It Green

Adding green touches and flowers to the entranceway brings life and warmth to the house. Consider potted plants for small entryways and flower gardens near spacious walkways. Small trees are a dramatic touch, especially when placed on either side of the front door. For a minimal investment, plants give the front of the house curb appeal.

Put Out a New Foot Mat

Showing a house means potential buyers will be coming through regularly. Doormats take ongoing wear and tear, often looking shabby in a few weeks or months. Replace the doormat with a general design that complements the color and style of the house. Avoid cute slogans or holiday images that might not resonate with certain buyers. A clean mat makes the place look well-maintained and gives visitors a spot to wipe their feet as they enter.

Display Seasonal Accents

Encourage sellers to recognize diverse buyers by displaying seasonal accents in the entryway rather than holiday ones. Avoid personal items, such as photo frames with family pictures. Opt for things such as small pumpkins and sunflowers in the fall or a plain evergreen and poinsettia plant in the winter—highlight regional features, such as a seashell wreath on the door of a beach house. Be creative to attract more buyers’ attention.

Create an Organizational Vibe

During the pandemic, homeowners scrambled to get organized to live and work at home effectively. The organization of homes remains a top priority as buyers search for houses with practical storage solutions. Create an organized vibe in the entry with hooks for keys and shelves for items such as handbags and scarves. Consider luxurious additions, such as a coat rack to hang the jackets of potential buyers who visit on cold days.

Add Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a practical way to draw attention to the front of a house. For a reasonable investment, sellers can showcase their homes throughout the day and evening. Also, the added lights make the entry safer for visitors who arrive at night. Consider a simple option, such as solar lights, that requires minimal work. Helpful agents maintain a list of local contractors to help with projects such as landscape lighting to assist sellers and buyers – and remember to encourage reciprocal referrals.
Use these smart tips to help sellers create welcoming entryways to entice more interest in their properties. With the right curb appeal, real estate buyers will want to see more – and could offer more than expected for the home. Agents who are valuable resources also get more listings and referrals from positive word-of-mouth.

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