Tips for Playing Up Current Real Estate Trends Using Social Media

Social Media Trends

Marketing your properties or real estate business today demands attention to a solid social media strategy, so we’ve put together some tips for you.

Paying attention to current real estate trends when you post to Facebook, Instagram, and other social channels is key.

With every article, photo, or story you upload, you must think about how that post will connect with today’s buyers. Will it solve a timely problem? Inspire hope or joy? Educate in uncertain times?

Real estate marketing constantly evolves as buyers’ wants and needs change. So, as a successful agent, present yourself where buyers are consistently. Of course, they’re on social media. But, buyers are also currently in a place in time where they’re seeking specific features in a home.

Today’s real estate trends tell us that potential homeowners want to live somewhere that serves as a refuge.

Here are tips for meeting those buyers’ desires in your social media marketing.

Social Media Tips for Playing Up Current Real Estate Trends

Tip #1 Use Instagram and Pinterest to Play Up Bold Pops of Color

Incorporating bold pops of color into home decor is one of today’s top real estate trends. You can inspire buyers and show off your properties’ colorful features with Instagram and Pinterest posts.

Instagram and Pinterest are social media platforms that are highly visual, and they’re perfect for posting photos of bold and bright aspects of homes. So think about showcasing colorful gardens, outdoor sculptures, architectural design elements, creative cabinetry, and high-end uniquely colored appliances on your Instagram and Pinterest channels.

Tip #2 Turn to Instagram and Facebook Stories to Show Off Hygienic Surfaces

Current real estate buyers want homes with hygienic surfaces to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. So, turn to Instagram and Facebook stories to show off technology that works to keep germs away.

Post a story of touchless faucets and show how to use them. Do a walkthrough of a house that uses voice-activation to turn on lights. You can also share stories of other smart-home features that encourage cleanliness  like garage door openers, entry door knobs, and appliances that are activated by voice.

Tip #3 Post Recipes for Family Meals on Your Blog

Having a space for family meals is a real estate trend we don’t think is going away soon. You can show that you appreciate family time and shared meals by posting recipes to your blog.

If you’re not a cook, that’s okay. Better Homes & Gardens magazine has plenty of delicious recipes to share. Remember to also post your article and recipe on your Facebook page.

Tip #4 Offer House Plant Suggestions on Facebook Live

Bringing greenery indoors is a great way to breathe life into a space. So, it’s no wonder that having an abundance of house plants has become a top real estate trend.

You can play up buyers’ love of plants by doing a tour of a local garden center (with the center’s permission). Take potential homeowners on a live walkthrough of all the options they have for greening up their new homes. Of course, it helps if you’ve done a bit of research first on which plants thrive indoors (and which are pet-friendly).

Tip #5 Create a Pinterest Board of Entryways and Mudrooms

Today, real estate buyers want defined places to leave their shoes, jackets, and packages. They desire creative entry areas for filtering what comes inside the living spaces and organizing what should stay out.

Pinterest boards are great places to display ideas for creating beautiful entryways and mudrooms. They’re ideal for highlighting these functional spaces that might be present in any of your properties.

More Tips for Playing Up Real Estate Trends Using Social Media

These are just some of the ways you can play up current real estate trends using social media. Other ways to highlight features that buyers look for today for include:

  • Showcase next-level organizing solutions on your Instagram and Pinterest pages
  • Tap into pets’ influence on home buying by listing pet-friendly restaurants and dog parks on your blog (and on Facebook)
  • Display DIY decor ideas on Pinterest and show how to make decor items on Facebook live

Be creative and have fun when posting to your social media accounts. And always think about what type of content gives buyers’ value. The more you connect with what buyers want and offer lifestyle tips they appreciate, the greater the chance of them thinking of you when it’s time to buy.For more social media marketing and real estate marketing tips, do a deep dive into our Clean Slate Blog.

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