Five Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Get Attention Instantly


Effective marketing means more than being louder and bolder than the competition – although sometimes that works. The goal is to have a unique voice that reaches people. A compelling message resonates with them by addressing a need, question, or desire. An effective marketing campaign transforms an everyday real estate agent into a memorable face in the crowd. Use one or more of these five unique real estate marketing ideas to get attention instantly.

Bring the Vision to Life

For many, owning a home is a dream. People strive for years to make that fantasy a reality. A skilled real estate agent helps make it happen. Bring the vision to life through professional photos, virtual tours, and 3D video representations of available properties. Take it up several notches with 3D virtual reality. When buyers slip on the goggles, it feels like they are walking around the property in-person. This visual strategy is especially useful for out-of-town buyers. Create glossy brochures to distribute at open houses. Encourage sellers to stage their homes. Remove all personal items and tell the buyers to imagine themselves living at the property. Then offer buyers the necessary resources to make their wishes come true. Network with mortgage bankers, inspectors, and other vital players who help facilitate the process.

Build Expertise and Show It Off Everywhere

People want to know more about someone who is the best and trust their abilities.. While it is impossible for everyone to be the best real estate agent in the country, successful agents focus on a specific niche. Choose a target market and get to know everything about it. Gather research, facts, figures, and analyze them to develop a unique approach. Find out what they want, how they react, and their biggest concerns. Provide meaningful information by writing blog articles and guest posts with an author’s bio. Share these articles on social media with brief explanations that encourage readers to interact with you. Respond to comments and answer questions. Send email messages to all contacts with a link to the latest article. Show off your expertise to become known as an authority.

Video Marketing on Social Media

Video marketing and social media are a perfect coupling. Anyone who has social media accounts is sure to see amusing or informative videos shared by their connections. People enjoy watching and sharing well-made videos that are easy to find. Many people watch videos on mobile devices. Choose a portrait or square format over landscape, so videos are viewable from all types of devices. The majority of social media users have a 15-second attention span. Capturing the listing in less time rather than more is ideal for social media sharing. Longer videos are suitable for other marketing efforts. Include a call to action for visitors to reach out to the agency. The middle to end of the video is the perfect time for a CTA. Dare to go live on sites such as Facebook. Show enthusiasm as you let viewers walk through the house live with you.

Irresistible Property Listings

Generic property listings use the same language and descriptions as everyone else. It takes more than five minutes to craft irresistible property listings. Follow a simple format to make the listing understandable and readable. The format should be:

  • A compelling headline of eight words or less
  • Opening statement offering a brief yet exciting overview of the property with a focus on two or three of its best features
  • Clearly outline the features of the property – be specific, use brand names, sprinkle in applicable adjectives, and avoid hyped-up language that might sound untrue
  • Special promotions, such as a buyer who will pay partial closing costs
  • A closing statement with an alluring call to action that includes the agent’s name and contact info.

Head to the Net and Give Them What They Want

There are two basic types of marketing. The first is used to raise personal brand awareness and create a feeling of need or desire in the client. The second includes a definitive call to action to generate more leads. Both are important, but the latter is necessary for real estate agents to earn a commission. Offer visitors to your website and social media accounts something for nothing. Few people can resist the lure of a freebie. Offer ebooks to buyers and sellers. The book can be simple, such as a checklist for success. To get the ebook, people must provide their name and email addresses. Use these addresses for future communications about listings, market updates, and more. Another option is to offer a free market analysis of a client’s home. Providing something for nothing give agents a golden opportunity to build a potential client contact list of future buyers and sellers.

Unique real estate marketing ideas prove why an agent is the right choice over anyone else in the local industry. People remember the message and have a positive feeling about the agent who shared it. Smart marketing is the first step toward building honest and profitable relationships.

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