Six Qualities Found in the Best Real Estate Agents


People from all walks of life take a course and pass the real estate agent state exam. But this is only the beginning. A successful career in real estate requires more than education, licensing, and a desk at an office. The leading real estate agents know the secrets to success. Discover the six qualities the best real estate agents possess to see if you have them.

Honesty is Crucial in Real Estate

Honesty requires transparency and the ability to communicate the truth to the clients. It can be tempting to slide into a used car salesperson persona and tell clients what they want to hear. In the long-term, this can crush a real estate agent’s career, which is based on reputation and referrals. Clients rely on an agent to share their knowledge and expertise. And being honest doesn’t have to be brutal. Be frank and forthright in all your conversations. Let clients know you are always looking out for their best interests. They need to trust a real estate agent and feel like they are in good hands. Show honesty and integrity by joining the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and pledging to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Hardworking Yet Personable

Real estate agents must sell themselves as well as properties. People want a hardworking agent who pulls out all the stops to make a deal happen. Agents should engage in continuing education beyond the classes required for ongoing licensing. Learn about online marketing, current market conditions, and innovative photography techniques. Have a strong work ethic and demonstrate the ability to handle any situation with ease. Bring a sense of confidence and surety to the table. And remember all work and no play makes Jack or Jane a dull agent. Always be personable in all interactions as clients come from a wide range of sources.

Well-Organized with Attention to Detail

What makes a listing unique in comparison to other local homes for sale? When do the buyers want a follow-up call about available homes? Real estate agents must keep track of countless questions and projects each day. The best real estate agents are well-organized and continuously pay attention to detail. These two qualities help agents provide the highest level of service to each client, even when they are working with many buyers and sellers. Use organizational tools to stay on track.

Superior Local Knowledge

The most successful real estate agents are local experts. They have a finger on the pulse of local market conditions as well as the neighborhood vibe. From housing data to the most popular area hot spots, people prefer agents who are familiar with the locale. Keep track of local statistics such as a sales and listing data, economic conditions, financing options, demographics, and more. Find out this information from data collected by NAR, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, banks and credit unions, Census Bureau, and the local building department. Share your localized expertise on a blog and social media including upcoming community events, market conditions, and the latest listings with your personal commentary.

Know How to Network

It takes a village to sell a house. A real estate agent must be sociable and know how to network with other professionals. Interact with agents, mortgage bankers, attorneys, architects, builders, inspectors, and financial advisers. Create a proactive team and establish a list of reliable resources to offer to clients. Refer people to your network of professionals and encourage them to send referrals your way. Have a recommendation every step of the way to take the guesswork out of buying and selling. Clients appreciate recommendations that save them hours of work and research.

Offers Fantastic Freebies

Whoever said there is no such thing as a free lunch doesn’t understand the nature of wooing clients. Offering freebies is an excellent way to meet potential clients and gain their trust. Provide a free home evaluation to sellers. Schedule a free initial consultation with buyers. Post informative articles on your blog and guest blog for industry websites. Create two short ebooks, one for buyers and sellers. Outline what they need to know to get ready for the upcoming real estate transaction. Offer these free ebooks on your website and social media accounts in exchange for the person’s email address. Use the email addresses to create a list for future marketing emails. And when in doubt, take a client out to lunch to discuss the latest developments. A little bit of extra attention can often go a long way.

The best real estate agents recognize the value of the services they provide to clients. While they offer advice and freebies, they are also knowledgeable and affirmative. Hone these six skills and watch your commission checks grow.

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