Tips for Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Tips for Using Twitter to Market Your Business -

Twitter is a popular platform that is increasingly being used to connect individuals and businesses together within a specific area. With only a 140-character limit, this method of micro-blogging has some tricks of the trade to ensure the quality and success of your real estate marketing on Twitter.

1. Give a Sneak Peek

In a world where you can share your entire life online, people love getting a peek inside the windows of other’s living spaces for new ideas. This is inarguably why the real estate industry and social media have formed such an incredible combination. Twitter allows real estate agents to share varied listing information that is unique and visually stimulating to all. To capitalize on this, captivate your audience with one engaging sentence, and let the picture (or pictures, as you can upload up to four) do the rest.

2. Share More Than Just Listings

In order to take advantage of the benefits that follow real estate marketing on Twitter, you need to understand what your community wants. If you live in a student prone area, your following is likely more interested in rental units or homes that can be turned into apartments, as opposed to family homes. Furthermore, they are also likely interested in public transportation, nightlife, entertainment options and so on and so forth. Determine who your target audience is and think outside of listings to generate content that will keep them coming back.

3. Follow Local Businesses and Individuals

As soon as you have a thorough understanding of your community, finding people to follow is easy. Although you may have no interest in using Twitter to see other peoples’ tweets, this is an important component within social media marketing and shouldn’t be overlooked. Start by searching Twitter for your city and maybe even your state. Look for both local businesses and individuals that talk about your region and interact with them. The more you engage with others, the more other people will see your content. Keep your followers specific to your area to maintain contact with your targeted audience.

4. Hashtags That Count

When you don’t really know what hashtags mean or what they can do for you as a real estate agent it’s easy to overlook them – but don’t. With the addition of a simple hashtag, you can connect with other people that are already engaging in similar conversations, or that are interested in your content. For example, #realestate or #vacationhome are two ways to instantly connect with people that are either searching for such content, or that are already interested in the content and are sharing their own content.

Twitter has the power to provide incredible leads and connect you with prospects in as little as 140 characters (or less!). Create an account and start following, tweeting and liking your way to achieving a competitive advantage.

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