There’s a BHGRE App for that! (and it ‘s not just another real estate app)

Happy day.  The first edition of our Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate iPhone app is live today (actually ,11.59pm last night.)  But it’s not a ‘real estate’ app in the traditional sense, ie: pushing listings to your iPhone.  It’s a buyer centric app designed to solve a few pronounced challenges faced during the physical expedition through open houses. And that’s the key with the iPhone platform-  pick a few things that are already challenges in real life. Take something you do manually today, and make it automated, seamless, instinctive.

I may be dating myself here, but I began my career in the world of software product marketing and was well schooled on the software architecture approach known as the Jacobson Use Case technique .   In a nutshell, this means you start with the human outcome a user is trying to achieve, and align the technology to do it.  You choose the key outcomes a user would want, and think like a human being,not a software engineer. (Not that they aren’t humans, I mean c’mon I married one…)

So what does it do?

So here’s an overview of what our app, known as the Home Selection Assistant, does for a buyer.

WHAT: The app enables ‘smarter home selection’ through the open house process, utilizing native iPhone technology.

WHY: This app fits our consumer brand promise, and will act as a long tail branding machine. It will help fuel the Groundswell as it builds both brand associations and brand experience.

WHO FOR : It’s designed for buyers… all buyer-, those using BHGRE agents, and those who will someday. Because it has been architected around pronounced buyer challenges, it gives our agents and brokers, something different to talk about, and a way to engage more deeply with buyers during the home search process.


Go to to download our app and start testing it out! We look forward to your feedback and we will add updates and features as we release subsequent versions.

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