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If tweets actually chirped the global din would be as pervasive as vuvuzela horns at the World Cup. Twitter just announced there are 65 million tweets sent daily!  In such a crowded field, I truly believe faithful practitioners of elegance and etiquette will be rewarded.

Speaking of rewarding, most marketers will tell you that word of mouth buzz is among the most powerful and effective sales tool you can hope for.  But how do you inspire genuine endorsement of your product?  According to a recent study from Yahoo!, the Internet’s influence on capturing online interest, that in turn sparks the more critical offline conversation, has grown, while others like television and print remain flat. This is something to keep in mind when allocating marketing dollars.

Microsoft continues to have its head in the “clouds”, and I mean that in a good way, with the announcement this week that it is opening some of its popular Office programs — PowerPoint, Word and Excel — to the web.  For those who believe the future will see all of our important documents, not on hard drives, but on remote “cloud” servers we access at will, similar to our Yahoo and Gmail accounts for example, this is an important step in that direction.

In other Microsoft news, its search engine Bing launched which will combine both Facebook and Twitter results into one search experience.  To take advantage of this, make sure you are linking to relevant articles about your company, agents or listings as the search shares only the link content.  In other search news, Google rolled out a new version of its search engine, Google Caffeine. Are you noticing faster and more accurate search results?

Talk about “upwardly mobile,” Nielsen reports that 22 percent of people 13-plus years old have smartphones. This marks the first time the number has crossed 20 percent.  For fans of the seminal marketing book Crossing the Chasm, we could be on the verge of going from early adopters to early majority, an important trend when considering mobile media strategies.  Further brightening the lure of smartphones, the iPhone 4 was officially announced and preorders start today.  For the business user, the next edition features Multitasking, Folders and enhanced Mail making your office even more accessible in your pocket.

Riding on the popularity of sites like Craigslist, a number of newspaper and broadcast TV news sites have launched Boocoo, a national online listing and auction site with a local focus. Another tool to share with your consumers (think: the 21st century moving sale)!

And finally, check out this advice as you launch or update your professional Facebook page. It may be time for a refresh!

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