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In times of crisis, the power of social media becomes ever more apparent. After the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, residents flocked online for information and to search for loved ones. As the threat of a nuclear disaster still looms, the International Atomic Energy Agency is posting updates on Facebook and YouTube. Donations and relief for the country is coming in from around the world, with social media companies also stepping up to the plate. In addition to Lady Gaga’s $5 wristband and AT&T’s free wireless calls from the U.S. and Puerto Rico to Japan, sites like LivingSocial and Zynga are doing their part and raising money from their loyal fan base.

In a 24-hour news cycle and hundreds of thousands of news outlets and online blogs, staying updated on news of interest to you can seem daunting. Enter Zite, the iPad application that remembers the articles you read on your tablet (and how long you keep an article open) and creates a magazine tailored to your preferences. Also included in your personalized magazine are articles from your Twitter Feed and Google Reader. If you are interested in news related to your profession, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Today, a social news service which analyzes profiles and suggests relevant articles. Users can also access articles being shared by their connections. With apps and features like these, there really are no excuses for being out of the loop!

Washington D.C. is America’s Most Socially Networked City
Washington D.C. is America’s Most Socially Networked City

Move over Seattle, our Nation’s Capital is America’s Most Socially Networked City. The District of Columbia earned this honor in a report of 100 cities in the country. As social networking becomes an integral part of many political campaigns and a way for elected officials to stay connected with their constituents — not to mention the throngs of news organizations based there– it makes sense. (El Paso, Texas, on the other hand, ranked last). How did your city do?

Prefer independent films to big studio pictures? Check out Fandor, a video streaming service for indie movies. For $10 a month, you can access over 2,500 films. Enjoy!

Talk about a debut! In its opening weekend, the iPad 2 already sold out! Did you get one?

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate party at South by Southwest!


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