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Call it Newton’s law of social media: The equal and opposite reaction to large networks of friends is Personal Networking.  From one of the founders of Facebook, whose stats page says the average user has 130 friends, comes Path, a new network focused on photo sharing which limits the number of connections to a user’s 50 closest friends and family. Currently available on the iPhone, people can share cell phone photos to their closest-knit group. The founders decided on the magic number based on research by Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist who determined that 150 is the maximum number of social connections a human can have.  Are you feeling the need to trim down the digital connections you have?

It’s official: Facebook is taking on Google in the email department.  The social giant announced that its 500 million plus users will have an optional Facebook email address. Mark Zuckerberg is positioning it as an optimized ”messaging system” which will consolidate a member’s communication into one place, including the option to send messages to email addresses on other domains. (A few things missing, though, are a subject line and a BCC/CC line.)  Would you dump your GMail to consolidate to one Facebook account?

Daydream believer …Harvard researchers using the iPhone app “Track Your Happiness,” which contacts users at random times to ask if they are happy, found that nearly 47 percent of the time people were day dreaming and those who did have their head in the clouds were more likely to say they were unhappy.  Do you consider yourself a realistic daydreamer?

Perhaps your mind wanders to being in the audience of your favorite artist’s concert…Twitter announced that it will be linking its platform to Apple’s Ping social network. Users can now tweet 90-second song previews of their favorite artists.  I wonder how much play the Beatles will get now that they are on iTunes?  The search is on for my connection with the best taste in music….

Offering everything from gourmet Korean barbeque to falafels to dumplings, food trucks now compete for customers with established brick and mortar restaurants.  The authority on restaurants, Zagat, has even launched an interactive map with reviews and ratings of these mobile meals.  When was the last time you had a meal from a truck?

What will be the must-have gift this holiday season? Watch out, eReaders because Snuggie has introduced a new line of patterned blankets with sleeves. Yes, I’m talking along the lines of camouflage and skulls. What is on your wish list this year?

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