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The best successes often come from overcoming powerful obstacles. In today’s episode of the Be Better Podcast, Donald is joined by the co-founder of Solo Stove, Spencer Jan, to discuss how he built a successful company amid the 2008 recession. 

Entrepreneurship has been central to his career for the past decade.

  • After seeing the recession’s effect on his professional pursuits, Spencer believes we are entering a time when people can derive the same benefits of starting a business during turmoil.
  • His original company barely stayed afloat during the recession, and they told Spencer to start looking for other opportunities, which inspired him to look for alternatives.

What inspired his entrepreneurial beginnings?

  • His desire for security led him to dabble in other industries to supplement his income, which led him to e-commerce.
  • His side gigs quickly outpaced his day job, and his excitement for that opportunity led him to create his own company (AKA Solo Stove.)
  • He realized the upside was capped working for another person, while his upside working for himself was limitless – he could make a more substantial future for himself and his family.

Determining your entrepreneurial pursuit:

  • If you’re being true to yourself, entrepreneurship is not a path to quick riches – overcoming the famine to reach a feast later.
  • Find something you’re passionate about that you’d want to learn more about while still working at another outlet to support yourself. 
  • Stay in the game longer than the guy next to you – it takes time and effort to get successful entrepreneurship going.

Spencer’s final takeaway? Watch Follow Your Dreams by Casey Neistat. If you set yourself up to chase the dream that you want, you’ll make it. 

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