The Key To Becoming A Successful Online Influencer Part 2 | Danny Peña – 029

Danny Peña - 029

In today’s episode of the Be Better Podcast, our host Donald Kelly continues his conversation with internet influencer Danny Peña to learn what work, skills, and content would help anyone become an influencer. For the full interview, check out our prior episode for part one!

Building a community is your largest obstacle:

  • For Danny, guerilla marketing was a powerful and (at the time) unique tactic to generate buzz and inform people about the industry. 
  • Use your prior experiences and skills to fuse content generation with someone unique to you.
  • Use the power of media, because it’s a powerful tool to inform more people beyond your scope of influence.

Danny’s advice to people looking to be an influencer or market their passion:

  • Above all, be patient. You should master your craft before sharing it with the world.
  • There are courses and learning platforms online that can help anyone learn how to create content with their phone. 
  • Explain to people why they should follow and engage with your content. 

It is possible to make content creation your full-time job. If you have the patience and consistency to hone your craft, you’ll be able to achieve your goals. Don’t burn your bridges immediately – find opportunities to fuel your passion.

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