This summer people are spending more time at home with their families rather than traveling and entertaining. Meredith Corporation, publishers of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, put together an Insights Report which revealed that homeowners are finding solace spending time sprucing up and improving their homes. You can take advantage of these insights listed below when creating blog content or looking for useful topics to share with your social sphere.

Porch Outdoor Space Improvements 

  • Creative porch updates and design ideas 
  • Planters that work well on porches  
  • Best paint colors for porches 
  • How to clean outdoor/backyard furniture 

Gardening & Landscaping 

  • Easy and fast-growing vegetable  
  • What to plant in the summertime  
  • Gardening tips for beginners and first timers  
  • Perennials for all seasons 
  • Vegetables you can grow in containers or on balconies  
  • How to compost 
  • Eco-friendly backyard care and organic fertilizer 

DIY & Home Improvement Projects 

  • Affordable home projects on a budget  
  • Home improvement ideas and tips 
  • Affordable home improvement ideas and tricks  
  • Inexpensive projects that can make your home look more expensive  
  • Top wall colors and paint hacks 
  • DIY shelving and storage 


  • How to best clean your home 
  • DIY home cleaning projects  
  • Top disinfecting products  
  • How to clean different surfaces 

Source: Meredith Insights Report “Home & Garden April Insights: Insights Based on Coronavirus Outbreak Related Consumer Behaviors” 

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