Want More Real Estate Leads? How to Expand Your Sphere of Influence


A sphere of influence includes the people an agent knows professionally and personally who trust his or her opinion. Maintaining these relationships and using them to build new ones is an integral part of an agent’s success. Discover the leadership qualities and skills to expand your sphere of influence to get more leads and referrals.

Find Your Way Around Facebook

An easy way to see a sphere of influence in action is to use Facebook as a social media platform. Consider the current contacts in your sphere and connect with them via Facebook. Build connections with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, local businesses, and more. Be interactive, commenting on their posts as well as posting on the account. Include personalized content as well as professional updates to build authentic relationships with your connections. Want to expand your sphere further? Get connected on Twitter and LinkedIn, too. Remember to use relevant, keyword-based tags on social media to help more people find you.

Send a Message

Staying in touch with connections is crucial to maintaining a sphere of influence and bring more people into the circle. Find out the best way to communicate with people, then offer to send updates via email or text message. Include links to updated listings, current housing market information, and announcements about upcoming events in the community. Mix up the messages to give recipients a reason to open them.

Maximize the Power of Printed Materials

Traditional methods, such as distributing printed materials, continue to be productive today. Agents should always have business cards handy to give to everyone they meet. A sleek, printed brochure is a professional addition to any open house. Flyers about the neighborhood and basic real estate information are helpful to distribute at community centers and houses of worship throughout the area. Sending direct mail pieces is another great way to connect with clients.

Host an Annual Cocktail Party

People look forward to attending an annual event, such as a corporate cocktail party. Agents hosting an annual soiree for promotional purposes should be consistent and creative. Hold the event at the same time of year each year. Focus on a theme and other fun features to make the gathering more memorable, such as the appearance of a local celebrity. Include appetizers, cocktails, music, and promotional materials about the agent. Dare to step it up by hosting a party at one of the most luxurious available listings, with the permission of the owners.

Sponsor a Charitable Event

Agents need to put their names in front of the community, so people remember them when they are ready to buy or sell a property. One way to stay at the forefront of local news is to sponsor a charitable event. Some agents sponsor a sports team while others get involved with neighborhood causes, such as raising money for a family in need. Supporting the community helps agents gain trust and recognition.

Become an Informational Speaker

Local groups, such as libraries and senior citizen centers, always look for informational speakers to attend their meetings. Create sessions about buying and selling property to appeal to the specific group. Speaking at events helps agents establish themselves as recognized authorities in the local real estate industry. Other engagements – and referrals – are sure to follow a successful event.

Attend Regional Networking Events

Continuing education is crucial for real estate agents to remain relevant and to thrive in a continually evolving marketplace. Networking events provide essential industry updates and give agents a golden opportunity to connect with other professionals. Building a robust professional network enables agents to refer their clients to people they trust. And, these professionals will also send referrals to an agent, helping to generate more leads. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate agents have access to the Be Better University for outstanding professional development.

Communicate Through Photos

Creating and maintaining a sphere of influence relies on secure communication. Agents need to connect with people in a meaningful way, so they are remembered. For those who struggle with words, photos can be an excellent way to connect in the real estate industry. Post listings and personal images to sites such as Pinterest and Instagram to reach out to your connections. Share and comment on the photos posted by your contacts to encourage interactive relationships. Use professional imagery to attract attention and promote interest in your listings. Expanding your sphere of influence requires communication, interaction, and authentic connections. From social media to local events, there are countless ways to connect with other individuals and businesses to increase your sphere. As agents establish and maintain more meaningful connections, they will steadily generate more leads.

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