Want More Action? Six Smart Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

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Few real estate agents say they are too busy to get more leads. Successful agents share their real estate leads with the agency to get a piece of the pie rather than giving it all up. With that in mind, progressive agents are always looking for more action – even if they decide to share the wealth. Score more clients with these six smart real estate lead generation ideas that get results.

Live and Breathe Real Estate Around Your Sphere of Influence (SOI)

An agent’s sphere of influence (SOI) is one of the best sources of ongoing leads. People who know and trust the agent are likely to send referrals. An agent needs to remain in contact with family, friends, neighbors, and associates. The goal is for people to think of real estate when they remember the agent. Instead of continually announcing their position, agents can wear t-shirts and hats with the agency logo. Use office pens and mugs to remind everyone about being an agent gently.

The fast-paced lifestyle of a successful agent often means being creative to stay in touch with people. Host holiday parties, run a charity event and send postcards and small gifts for occasions. Always make a call and send a card to thank someone for sending referrals. Provide the highest level of service to these clients, so the people who referred them look good.

Post Evergreen Content For a Select Niche Market

Attracting clients means speaking their language. Agents should provide answers to their questions before they ask them. One way to do this is by choosing a specific niche market, such as first-time buyers, veterans, or luxury sellers. Learn everything possible about the target audience. Then create evergreen content to share useful information, news, and updates.

Evergreen content is written to benefit readers today and in the future. Trending articles attract significant traffic while the topic is relevant, then the traffic tapers off. However, evergreen content remains useful for a long time to come. Keep SEO in mind, and incorporate relevant keywords naturally into the title, content, and metadata of each evergreen article. Thoughtful optimization ensures the articles can be found long after publication. Affiliated Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have the advantage of sharing content from the brand’s highly trafficked and followed social media accounts.

Finesse Clients With the Soft Sell

Sometimes agents have a dry spell and can’t wait to close their next deal. Most clients sense desperation, and it drives them in the opposite direction. Pushy agents may close a sale or two, but often get fewer referrals than agents who make authentic connections with clients. Resist the urge to be aggressive. Instead, connect with people over shared interests and nurture relationships that encourage trust and respect.

The soft sell can be quite effective, especially with luxury clients. Sometimes people don’t fill out inquiry cards when they attend an open house or view a home for sale. Instead of urging them to provide their personal information, strike up a conversation. Get the visitor’s first name, ask if they live in the area, and find out the street where they reside. Perform a reverse search to look for a person with that name who lives on the block. Then call, visit, or send a postcard encouraging them to contact the agency about their real estate needs.

Become a Local Celebrity: Host a Podcast

Local celebrities enjoy notoriety, respect, and plenty of networking opportunities. Newspaper writers, bloggers, and newscasters are all people recognized for their neighborhood expertise. Real estate agents are also known to be area experts with knowledge about real estate values, local happenings, and upcoming building projects. Show off this expertise by hosting a weekly podcast focused on helping buyers and sellers.

Podcasts put an agent’s face, voice, and knowledge in front of potential clients. Be engaging, unique, and share information that matters. Schedule podcasts weekly, so people look forward to watching and sharing them. Provide links to the podcasts on social media and in blog articles. With continued exposure, agents become local celebrities and business leaders. And everyone remembers the podcast host when they are ready to buy, sell, or rent a property.

Take Time to Create a Stellar Presentation

Seasoned agents might be on autopilot when writing property descriptions and posting images. After doing it so often, they may handle the process the same way every time. As a result, many listings start to look alike. Nothing stands out unless the agent takes time to create a stellar presentation that resonates with buyers.

Resist the temptation to speed through a generic description. Use descriptive words and relevant keywords to paint a picture of the property. Outline its features, benefits, and what makes it unique. Include professional photos and video so that people can tour the rooms and outdoor living spaces. Consider cutting-edge strategies, such as 3D photography and drone photos, to give people a fresh perspective. It might take longer, but agents are sure to see a higher response.

Focus on What Clients Need and Want

When agents think about closing deals and making money, it shows. People tend to shy away from a sales-oriented approach because they feel it’s all about the agent. An agent needs to make clients feel like they are a top priority to generate more real estate leads. The best way to do this is by focusing on what they need and want, rather than selling a property.

Answer questions, provide localized information and become a valued resource. Agents should network with other professionals who are willing to offer assistance to potential clients. Entertain conversations that may seem to go nowhere now, but could bear fruit in the future. A person who talks about selling a house when their kids graduate could be looking for an agent in a couple of years. Or someone who wants a cottage, but none are currently available, can be the first person to call when one hits the market. Patience is a virtue that helps agents reap measurable rewards. An agent who is willing to do the legwork attracts more real estate leads than a complacent one. Use these savvy real estate lead generation ideas to stay active during down times and encourage more referrals.

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