Social Media as a Networking and Marketing Medium

Social Media as a Networking and Marketing Medium -

Optimizing the opportunities of network marketing requires a league of supporters for your social media profile and/or page. However, many social media users for business fail to reach even 500 followers, which is the determined threshold for “Power Users,” as defined in the full whitepaper (which can be downloaded below), with a sizable 51 percent of survey participants falling below that total. In addition, optimizing requires high levels of follower engagement.

A number of real estate professionals are investing the time needed to fully benefit from network marketing and achieve digital success. Here are the steps they are taking:

  • Market social media assets to grow relationships. While real estate professionals are using social media to stay connected with their current audiences, their efforts can work just as successfully when creating new relationships. Using social media’s in-platform ad targeting tools, they can define a specific target market and advertise to that market to grow their network.
  • Take advantage of network strengths. Each social media platform has its own unique strengths, and savvy real estate professionals use those strengths to maximize their overall social presence. For example, if your market is luxury homes, Instagram and Pinterest might be the best platforms due to their strong focus on images. However, if your goal is to show your open house, you may want to create a video and build a YouTube channel for viewing, or use Facebook Live.
  • Directly engage with network members. Social media allows real estate professionals to address client needs and present their talent, experience, and relationship-building skills to potential clients. Many real estate professionals using social media usually “broadcast” information solely through postings. However, by answering clients’ follow-up questions and engaging with their posts online, they can help build client loyalty.

In the initial stage, most people start with the ‘build-it and broadcast’ post strategy, sending content to fans and followers, primarily through posting without audience interaction. Real estate professionals who have combined interaction opportunities with direct marketing, and converted to a joint networking and marketing mindset, have achieved optimal results. For example, BHGRE® affiliated agents often post listings to their Facebook pages and then respond when potential clients have questions. This helps to initiate an enjoyable conversation that can be taken offline for further networking and marketing opportunities.

To find the guidelines for taking advantage of the social media resources at your fingertips, download The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Social Media whitepaper here.

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