Social Media as a Networking and Marketing Medium

Social Media as a Networking and Marketing Medium -

Strong client relationships and word-of-mouth marketing have long been recognized as keys to success and growth in the real estate industry. In fact, much of the initial appeal of social media was that it could reinforce and complement time spent networking face-to-face with existing and potential clients.

The Impact of Social Media in Real Estate reflects the dynamic between social media and networking through relationship-building. When survey participants were asked what they would like to use social media for, the top-ranked purpose was “connecting me to the community” (61 percent).

This finding suggests that real estate professionals not only value the relationships they have with their community members, but also highly value them as existing and potential clients.

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The following are top ways real estate professionals use social media to maximize their client-connection opportunities and combine networking with marketing:

  • Thought Leadership and Brand Awareness. Inform community members of real estate professionals’ industry knowledge and the latest business news, insights, and trends. They can also demonstrate their involvement in, and commitment to, local activities and philanthropic programs, thus providing touchstones of shared interests with current and potential clients.
  • Client Service. Connect in real time with clients. Real estate professionals skilled in using social outlets to provide fast, attentive client service, find themselves at the forefront when strengthening online relationships, gaining trust with current and potential clients, and helping to extend those relationships offline.
  • Empowerment. Share news and timely information with interested clients and potential clients. Information can range from the latest listings and industry insights to office news and proud accomplishments. Additionally, an inside look into a real estate professional’s day can create an intimacy for connections and foster camaraderie. Remember, as you share this content, to remain relevant and to only share information your followers will find useful and interesting.
  • Recruitment. Tap into the ability to showcase employment opportunities, identify potential hires, recruitment, and offer an inside look into the organization’s culture. These efforts also usher in new levels of efficiency and effectiveness when building teams and reaching out to other professionals for partnership opportunities.

With social media, networking and marketing go hand-in-hand, and both are key components in establishing a successful digital brand.

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