Top Smart Home Features Buyers Are Looking For

smart home features

Homebuyers are becoming more and more interested in homes with smart features. There are numerous reasons these features are on the rise from making people’s lives easier to providing a sense of security. Inform your clients of the benefits of installing these features so they can attract buyers and sell their homes at a higher price. Below are the top smart home features and their benefits you can highlight during open houses.  

Smart Security 

A great smart home feature that will help a property stand out is a smart security system. These systems allow homeowners to monitor their homes while they’re not home, providing them with peace of mind. With smart security systems, people can stay in control, prevent theft, protect their belongings, and potentially lower their home insurance rates.   

Smart Lighting 

Smart lighting systems provide homeowners with numerous benefits. People can turn their lights on and off remotely just by using an app on their phone. Users also have the option to schedule lighting around their homes. Smart lighting can also provide security when set to turn off and on at random times to deter burglars. Another security benefit is the motion detectors that allow for the lights to be activated when the sensors detect movement. Don’t forget to tell them about the energy savings! 

Smart Thermostat  

Smart thermostats are becoming more popular for many reasons. Homeowners can minimize their energy costs and track their energy usage. This gives people the power to adjust their thermostat preferences so they can decrease energy costs. One of the top perks you should highlight is the ability to control their thermostat remotely. On those hot summer days, people can cool down the house before they arrive or warm it up in the winter.

Smart Appliances  

Smart appliances offer a great level of convenience. People can turn ovens on using their voice if they’re baking with sticky fingers or have their hands full of groceries. Not sure what you’re running low on? You can check the contents of your fridge using your phone. Most smart appliances are also energy efficient and help the environment. Who doesn’t want to conserve water and electricity? Tons of these appliances will impress homebuyers and lead to happy homeowners. 

Smart Garage 

Smart garage door openers offer tons of benefits most homeowners might not think about. Depending on the model, a smart garage door opener can notify homeowners if the door opens without their authorization. Being able to monitor their home, no matter where they are provides people with a sense of security. It also allows homeowners to let people into their homes even without a key. Another safety feature is the carbon monoxide sensors that alert homeowners of dangerous fumes. Park assistance is a favorite, which uses a laser guiding system so people can park with ease. 

Smart Shades and Blinds 

Convenience is key. Motorized and smart blinds can be opened with a remote or phone. Homeowners can schedule when they can be open and closed. The blinds can know to close during the hottest part of the day to reduce HVAC usage or open in the winter to heat the room more with the sweet sun. Energy savings are always a plus. 

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